[Explanation] After nearly 10 days of parts procurement and emergency assembly, on April 1st, Chongqing Maxim's Group assisted Qatar's largest dairy product manufacturer with 10 self-made spray disinfection devices for free shipment and sent them to Qatar by air.

[Explanation] At present, with the spread of the epidemic worldwide, a self-made disinfection channel of a Chongqing company has attracted attention from some foreign companies. Enterprises in Qatar, the UAE, Poland, and Brazil have sent letters calling for custom-made automatic spray disinfection channels to fight against epidemic.

[Explanation] Relevant person in charge of Chongqing Meixin Group told reporters that they are enterprises mainly engaged in the production of door industry, not business of producing disinfection devices. During the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic this year, due to the inconvenience of outsourcing disinfection equipment, their technicians innovated the design. By purchasing parts and welding online to assemble an automatic spray disinfection device, the device can carry out 360-degree dead body and sole Disinfection, can also add water automatically, can meet the needs of thousands of people a day.

[Explanation] Regarding the procurement needs of Qatar enterprises, the relevant person in charge of Maxim's Group said that the cost of this disinfection equipment is not high. After receiving a call from Qatar enterprises, they decided to deploy staff to assemble and manufacture at the fastest speed. And do not charge any fees, free assistance to the other 10 self-made disinfection devices.

[Same period] Pan Tao, Head of Marketing, Maxim's Group

We decided to donate to them free of charge. We set up a production team overnight. After three to four days of production, we have now assembled ten equipments.

[Explanation] Since the spray disinfection device is self-made, they also produced a detailed instruction manual and translated it into English for the other party to use. It is reported that at present, companies in Poland, Brazil, and Dubai have also called Maxim to indicate that they want to purchase this set of disinfection equipment, and specific needs are being negotiated.

Reporter Jia Nan reports from Chongqing

Editor-in-chief: [Luo Pan]