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The Tax Agency notes a notable increase in the number of tax returns filed in the early hours of this year's campaign, which is marked by the Government's decision not to change the deadlines despite the state of alarm. According to the data of the Treasury, at 13 hours more than 432,000 declarations had already been filed , 14% more than in the same period last year . " About 850 declarations per minute are being processed, when last year the data was between 700 and 750," they continue from the Treasury.

These figures are conditioned by the confinement of the population that the Government has decreed and, although a longer time frame is still necessary, they would corroborate at least in part the argument that the Treasury has used to avoid postponing the declaration: 70% of the declarations They go out to return and, therefore, represent an injection of liquidity for many taxpayers who are in a difficult economic situation as a result of the Covid 19 crisis.

In addition, the Treasury acknowledges that there have been moments of certain collapse and problems with the application given the high demand. All this could indicate that, indeed, many taxpayers would be anticipating his statement and trying to leave it closed as early as Wednesday. What they do so, said yesterday the director general of the Tax Agency, Jesús Gascón, will receive their return next Friday .

21 million statements

In the income campaign that has started today, the Tax Agency expects to present a little more than 21 million returns, 1.6% more than last year. "Of that total, 14,565,000 are expected to be entitled to a refund, almost 70% of the total and 0.5% more than the previous year, for an estimated amount of 10,686 million," he adds.

"In the current context of health emergency, and taking into account that 88% of taxpayers file their returns online, it has been considered especially important to maintain the planned campaign start dates, so that taxpayers can receive as soon as possible their returns ", points out in reference to the reason why the dates have been kept.

However, for the Inspectors this does not justify that deadlines are not modified and made more flexible. "You have to be flexible with those who want to comply and cannot. The Treasury must distinguish between situations and taxpayers. You cannot treat everyone the same, you cannot give the same treatment to a large taxpayer who can have all the resources he or she has. a freelancer or a person who lives in a town in empty Spain ", explains Berta Tomás, president of the Association of State Tax Inspectors (IHE).

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