NY stock Dow Jones average price drops sharply April 1 23:25 due to new corona

The view of the New York Stock Exchange on the 1st is that the effects of the spread of the new coronavirus are becoming more severe, with more sell orders and a drop in the Dow Jones average.

The day before, President Trump of the United States said that the spread of the new coronavirus was `` very severe two weeks '', and the market is spreading that the economic impact of the spread will be even more serious. .

In addition, the view that the number of deaths could rise from 100,000 to 200,000 even if necessary measures such as withholding going out, and the economic growth rate in the second quarter starting on this day was marked by record deterioration Predictions that will become the weight of the market.

Market officials have said, "We are also publishing economic data reflecting the impact of the spread of infection, and are increasingly cautious."