Several of the main financial institutions in the country have announced this Wednesday that they will advance the unemployment subsidy to their clients by one week to provide them with liquidity and avoid crowds in collection on March 9. Bankia, CaixaBank, Bankinter and BBVA have already joined this initiative .

In the case of Bankia, the measure will reach 256,000 clients of the entity, who will see the unemployment benefit credited to their account on April 3. Traditionally, payment is made on the 10th, but this year, as it is a public holiday, it will be advanced to the 9th.

The bank's objective is to provide liquidity to its most vulnerable clients due to the impact of the coronavirus so that they can more comfortably meet the expenses of the beginning of the month.

The measure joins other initiatives launched by the financial sector as a whole in recent weeks to mitigate the impact of the crisis on its clients.

These include the approval of a six-month moratorium on the payment of mortgages or credits, the advance of the collection of pensions or the abolition of commissions for withdrawing cash from competing ATMs.

New beneficiaries

CaixaBank has joined the measure and has communicated to its clients that they will not have to make any extraordinary request, since the deposit of the funds will be made automatically for all those entitled to the benefit and that it is recurring, that is to say , who have already collected unemployment last month.

"For those new beneficiaries, the payment will be carried out in stages as the official agencies submit the information," explains the bank chaired by Jordi Gual in a statement.

The Catalan entity assures that it is a measure that will help staggered transit for the essential withdrawal of cash, as already happened with the advance of the pension collection.

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