The Italian government is working on plans to support businesses and the self-employed, a government source confirmed on Wednesday. It would be an amount of 10 billion euros.

The amount is in addition to the EUR 5 billion that was earmarked for the same purpose in mid-March. This should protect companies and households as much as possible against the economic consequences of the coronavirus outbreak.

By setting aside money for support measures, an amount of at least 500 billion euros must be guaranteed, Minister of Economic Affairs Roberto Gualtieri told Il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper on Wednesday. Earlier, that amount stood at 340 billion euros.

The Italian Ministry of Economic Affairs has not yet responded.

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The coronavirus in short

  • The coronavirus mainly spreads through sneezes and cough drops. The virus can be transmitted directly from person to person or (for a limited time) through surfaces such as door handles.
  • An infected person infects two to three others on average. Precautions are necessary to contain this.
  • The vast majority of patients have mild (flu-like) complaints.
  • Nearly all deaths involve the elderly or other frail, such as heart, lung or diabetes patients. If everyone complies with the measures, this reduces their risks.
  • Read here what precautions you should take.