As the economy froze with Corona 19, the appearance of Myeong-dong, Seoul's representative commercial district and downtown symbol, has changed completely. It is a place with a lot of floating population, so the rent is expensive, but there are many stores that have closed before waiting for customers who do not come.

Reporter Ahn Seo-hyun has been to Myeong-dong, which is not like Myeong-dong.


There are notices for closing or closing of business wherever you reach, and there are several places where the entire building is closed.

Myeong-dong, as we know it, is very different from the street a year ago when people didn't have time to step on.

Myeong-dong's large and small alleys, on average, 2-3 stores are closed per alley.

[Myeongdong merchant: It's almost '0'. (Isn't there a guest at all?) Yes, almost 90% or more.

[Myeongdong merchant: Do you know how much the rent is here? It's 1,000 (10,000 won), 1 thousand (10,000 won). It's my first time with hair, and it's closed in Myeongdong.]

In February, the new population in Jung-gu, Seoul, fell by nearly 80% in a month.

[Chang Se-Jeong / Myeong-dong Real Estate: You have to come out, there is no labor cost, no electricity bill, and rather closing the door is the way to make money. (○○ also went out (closed), but was it because of Corona after all?) I couldn't stand, I couldn't. Perhaps there will be 30 million won per month.]

The situation is even worse for domestic cosmetic road shops that have led 'K-Beauty'.

The behavior that was often seen in front of the store has disappeared, and the salary is not good enough, so the staff is sending out.

[Cosmetic store staff: You can see that there are no foreign customers. Originally, there were about 7 people (even employees) a day. (Now?) Two.]

Corona bad news overlapped in a car that had lost its competitiveness due to bleeding competition and online shopping malls.

When I asked about 300 cosmetics franchisees across the country, I replied that the majority of the sales fell below half.

Although the emergency funding is being resolved, Myeongdong merchants appeal that direct assistance such as tax benefits and rent assistance is more urgent.

(Video editing: Jang Hyun-gi, VJ: Min-gu Jung)

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