Yen exchange rate at the end of the fiscal year Yen appreciation of more than 2 yen from the previous fiscal year Unstable with the new corona March 31 18:49

The yen value of the yen in the Tokyo foreign exchange market at the end of this fiscal year was about 2 yen stronger than the end of the previous fiscal year and the dollar was weaker. Until the end of last year, there were no major fluctuations, but the spread of the new coronavirus caused the price movement to be rough and the situation remains unstable.

Around the spring of last year when this year began, the yen was trading around $ 111 = $ 111.

Investors, who became more concerned about trade tensions between the United States and China in May last year, sold dollars, and the yen appreciated against the dollar to the $ 104 level over the summer.

Later, as the US-China trade negotiations approached an agreement, the dollar was gradually repurchased, and after all, from the beginning of this year to the beginning of last month, the yen's price ranged only around 8 yen.

However, since the middle of last month, the spread of the new coronavirus worldwide has heightened alertness in the foreign exchange market.

In the middle of last month, the dollar was in the 112 yen range, but the dollar was sold rapidly in view of the spread of infection to the global economy, and the yen strengthened to the 101 yen level and the dollar weakened in just two weeks.

And when the movement of people and goods is restricted and economic activity stagnates in a visible way, the number of companies and investors who turn around and keep the dollar of the main currency on hand increases, and the movement to buy back the dollar Has become stronger.

The yen has weakened against the dollar, rising from the $ 1 level to the high end of the 111 yen level in about 10 days, and the spread of the infection has triggered a rough movement in the foreign exchange market.

Market officials say, "The spread of the new coronavirus has significantly changed the market situation and the daily price movement has widened. The unstable price movements will not stop for a while."