The Department of Economic Development Abu Dhabi issued a decision to issue licenses to practice free business activities (Freelance) for 52 commercial activities, allowing UAE citizens to practice specific professions and activities in a professional manner and in a personal capacity without having an official workplace or any organizational form to practice the activity.

The issuance of this type of license through the Abu Dhabi Business Center affiliated to the Department aims to issue licenses to practice entrepreneurial activities from the residence of the citizen owner of the license or from any other location that is authorized in accordance with the general provisions of the individual institution.

Mohammed Ali Al-Shurafa, Head of Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, said that this type of licensing contributes to activating the role of citizens and stimulating their contribution in the business sector at the level of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, where this initiative comes within the framework of the government of Abu Dhabi’s government to develop initiatives that stimulate the business and investment environment in Abu Dhabi And creating job opportunities for the citizens of the state in various economic fields.

He pointed out that entrepreneurial licenses will have positive results on the local economy and encourage the citizens of the country to work freely in addition to providing an opportunity for retired individuals to contribute to the labor market and benefit from their experiences in the available fields within the activities permitted in this license.

According to the decision issued by the department, the license to practice free business activities has several economic effects, including taking advantage of the various available experiences that are sometimes unemployed or outside of work hours in relation to working experiences, and not having to assign all the specializations whose services are needed intermittently, and the ability to provide Remote service at different times around the clock, contributing to addressing the problem of unemployment, and improving the income of different segments of society, such as retirees, housewives and students.

According to the decision, the license to practice free business activities includes 52 activities that are allowed to be practiced, namely, fashion and clothing design, coordination of natural and artificial flowers, studio for photographing and photographing parties and events, personal video photography, organizing parties and events, gift packaging, jewelry design, precious jewelry, design of information network sites, design services, project management, translation of prints, calligraphy, drawing and consulting Statistics, agricultural extension and marketing operations management.

The free license also included consulting activities in the field of computer equipment and devices, real estate, legal consulting offices, public relations, quality, standards, standardization, pest resistance, project development, procurement, heritage, technical and technical installations, green buildings, information technology, economic feasibility studies, human resources, tourism, entertainment, administrative studies, food safety, design of goods and arts Fine Arts, Architectural Drawing and Directing, Marine Services, Consultations in the field of lifestyle development, marketing studies, parliamentary studies, banking services, Soiqih in the field of energy and in the field of space, consulting and logistics consulting, health clubs, fitness and art works and crafts cosmetic "sculpture" and the works of handicrafts, environmental printing and photocopying services and beauty services, gardens, parks and printing on textiles, clothing and works of plastering, engraving, decoration and works of the formation of soap.