China News Network, Xuzhou, March 30 (Reporter Liu Lin) "It is not easy for young people to work hard in the city. This three-in-one bed is beautiful and practical, and 50% off." On March 29, the mayor of Suining County Xue Yong appeared in the live webcast room, "turned into" the Internet celebrity, and introduced the crib bed independently designed and produced by Shaji Town, Suining County, Xuzhou City.

Suiningshaji is the first e-commerce village in China. In 2006, Sun Han, a returning college student, moved to the village's first computer. From then on, the "sand mode" set off a wave of entrepreneurship in rural e-commerce across the country. Data show that in 2018, Suining County's e-commerce transaction value reached 28.69 billion yuan, of which e-commerce furniture transaction value accounted for 85%.

Affected by the epidemic, this year's furniture e-commerce enterprises in Suiningshaji have generally postponed their work resume date by one month. Therefore, Shaji's local furniture e-commerce companies are more eager to explore new channels, find new consumer groups in the market, and resume production and work in advance.

In order to support local enterprises and promote the resumption of work in the industrial belt, the Suining County Government teamed up for a lot of efforts and organized a "Liuning Industrial Belt County Magistrate Live Broadcast" event. As of 19:00 on that day, a total of 1.31 million users had flooded into the live broadcast room and watched the Yongning County magistrate Xue Yong recommending Suining furniture and food.

Is there anything particular about the design of this crib? Xue Yong asked the e-commerce junior in front of him.

Xiao Er replied: "This bed has the same area as an ordinary bed, but it doubles the use area. The second-floor guardrail is also specially raised to prevent children from falling off." Xue Yong took the conversation, "At least sold offline 10,000, as long as more than 2,000 today, there are 300 yuan exclusive coupons in the live broadcast room. "

On the other side of the screen, netizens brushed up a barrage: before the offline price was tens of thousands, this price is too close to the people.

In addition to Shaji furniture, Suining Food has always been famous in Jiangsu. In addition to driving the recovery of furniture, Xue Yong also incarnates as "anchor of food" in the live broadcast room, featuring endearing specialties of Suining cuisine such as noodles, rice, shrimp, and braised fish.

Xue Yong said that he hopes that with the power of new e-commerce, it will not only help Shaji Furniture and other mature industrial belts achieve transformation and upgrading, but also promote the development and growth of the Suining food industry. In the end, the county chief's live broadcast room alone sold more than 1,000 cribs, helping local enterprises achieve sales of more than 3 million yuan, which directly led to a single-day total sales of more than 7 million yuan for Shaji furniture across the entire network.

Behind the county governor's live delivery, the Suining Industrial Belt is orderly resumed and resumed production.

Data show that there are 16,200 furniture e-commerce companies, more than 1,300 physical enterprises, and 136 logistics companies in only Shaji Town, Suining County. The furniture seller Xu Mu's factory was originally scheduled to resume work on the eighth day of the first month, but construction was delayed until February 28 due to the outbreak. Prior to that, the Suining County Government issued documents on resumption of work for e-commerce companies.

At the scene, a chef sprinkled pepper and garlic, and mixed a bowl of noodles in a few minutes. "The raw material is the natural organic mung beans of Shaji. The noodles are soft and smooth. Would you like a bite?" Xue Yong also sent 10 boxes of Suining noodles to the draw. In the end, Xue Yong went to "a good table" and recommended local food such as white water tofu and capers to netizens.

"Outside consumers hear the word Suining, they feel that it is delicious and easy to use, which greatly promotes the development of local enterprises." Xue Yong said that the current Jiangsu epidemic prevention and control response level, Has been adjusted from second to third. At this time, whoever takes the lead in recovering from the epidemic can take advantage of market competition. (Finish)