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Workers in companies declared "essential" by the Government in its decree last Sunday must have a certificate that expressly authorizes them to move for work reasons.

The companies that provide this type of essential services will have to provide their employees with a certificate, a "responsible declaration", to allow them to move to jobs, according to the Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos.

The new regulation is part of the package of measures with which the Government must specify the decree of March 29 on the granting of recoverable paid permits for employed persons who do not provide essential services, in order to reduce mobility of the population in the context of the fight against COVID-19. The decree has caused confusion between companies and workers, who ask for formal clarifications to work or suspend their activities with legal certainty.

Specifically, by virtue of a Ministerial Order that will approve Health, the right of the essential services worker to have this "responsible declaration" provided by his company or employer will be recognized.

This declaration will certify that the worker is not included in the assumption of the recoverable remuneration permit approved by the Government and "will allow to justify and facilitate their mobility and displacement" to their job, according to Ábalos.

In addition, this document "will facilitate" the work that the Army and the State Security Forces and Bodies carry out to control the movements of the population.

In the case of self-employed workers, according to Ábalos, it will suffice that they justify with a document that they are engaged in any of the activities considered essential.

At a press conference, the head of Transport, one of the delegated authorities during the state of alarm, remarked that the Decree that the Government approved this Sunday "does not order the cessation of activities", but "articulates a recoverable paid permit for those work in services not considered essential ".

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