China News Network Changsha, March 29 (correspondent Zhang Huiyu) Right now is a good time to pick tea, but Hunan Sheshan Xiangye Tea Industry Co., Ltd., which has 12,500 acres of tea gardens, is worried. "Mingqian tea is the best tea of ​​the year. It is harvested early in the day, and grass is later in the day. Affected by the epidemic, this year's manpower is less than half of previous years," said Jiang Shengbiao, the company's principal.

In the past, during the one-month spring tea picking period, Jiang Shengbiao needed about five to six hundred people a day. "The tea garden tea buds are growing every day. If the green tea is not picked in this season, it will not only affect the income of the current season, but also the growth and market of the next season." Anxious Jiang Shengbiao had to report this situation to the local government. And soon there was an echo.

Volunteers gather tea in the tea garden. Photo by Zhang Huiyu

It is understood that the Ningxiang New Age Civilization Practice Center released the theme activity of “Assisting Tea Enterprises and Picking Spring Tea” to recruit volunteers to help tea companies resume work and resume production. Within 500 days, more than 500 people signed up.

Daishan Township, Ningxiang City is a famous tea town, with a total of 23,000 acres of tea gardens, with an annual output of 400,000 jin of tea, of which 200,000 jin of famous tea, a comprehensive output value of 80 million yuan, 15,000 acres of productive tea gardens have been established, and an output value of 1,000 yuan To 2,000 yuan; 3,000 mu of standardized tea garden for organic tea, with an output value of more than 150 million yuan.

The local also produces "Langshan Maojian" series of famous green tea, traditional yellow tea, black tea, black tea and other products. Among them, "Miyin Temple" won the Chinese well-known trademark, "Jifeng" and "Jishan" won the famous trademark in Hunan Province. The public brand "Laoshan Maojian" was included in the National Geographical Indications Protection Product Directory. Taking the Laoshan Xiangya Tea Industry, Laoshan Tea Industry, Laoshan Yanyu and other well-known enterprises as the leader, it formed production, processing, sales, tea travel Development of the entire industrial chain in one.

Volunteers gather tea in the tea garden. Photo by Zhang Huiyu

In the past few days, this special group of "tea pickers" came to the tea garden in Sheshan Township to relieve the urgent need of tea enterprises. They used their dexterous hands to dance between the branches and leaves, picking up and picking the delicate sprouts. In half a day, more than 400 acres of tea gardens were picked.

"I saw this event on the Smart Ningxiang App's Civilization Practice Cloud Platform, and I signed up as soon as possible." Nie Wei of Ningxiang City Suburban Street registered as a volunteer in the Ningxiang New Age Civilization Practice Center. "Through this platform, all kinds of volunteer service activities can be seen at a glance, and you can choose the ones you are interested in participating in," said Nie Wei.

In Ningxiang, volunteers like Nie Wei have surpassed 200,000 people. "Where there is demand, there are volunteers." Ping Juan, director of the Office of the New Era Civilization Practice Center of Ningxiang City, introduced that through the "Ningxiang New Era Civilization Practice Cloud" port opened on the smart Ningxiang APP, Ningxiang City innovates The "four orders" mechanism for voluntary service supply and demand has been created by integrating the "orders" of the masses, the "orders" of the center (station, station), the "bills" of the volunteer service team, and the "evaluation of orders" by the masses. The "last mile" serving the masses.

In the future, the Ningxiang New Age Civilization Practice Center will continue to categorize and organize people to carry out solid and effective civilization practice activities, so that volunteer service can take root at the grassroots level and enter the people's heart. (Finish)