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The activity of Lorenzo Amor (Córdoba, 1965) since the coronavirus crisis erupted is more frenetic than ever. And with it, the petitions and confrontations with the Government. His views at the head of the Association of Autonomous Workers (ATA) have been criticized on many occasions for being politically biased, but he rejects the accusation and maintains the tone: he demands that the Executive listen to the self-employed, warning of the total loss of labor and economic course, and advances catastrophic consequences.

Is the complete closure of non-essential activity correct? The sanitary measures being adopted do not justify, in any case, the economic measures. The Government, with the press conference of the Council of Ministers [last Friday] sowed suspicions, doubts, especially the business fabric. It is insulting to say that those who do not comply can have even criminal measures, that all those who do not do an ERTE can be inspected. In no case is the economic and labor direction justified. Is not dismissing justified by sanitary measures ?; Is it justified that tax obligations are not deferred ?; Is it justified that the self-employed have to pay the fee even if they do not have liquidity? We are adrift. Do you mean that the Executive has lost its way? In labor and economic matters, yes. On Thursday, the government defended that economic activity had to be maintained. How can it be changed in 24 hours? And prohibiting dismissals goes against the freedom of business, is interventionism and changes the rules mid-game. If nobody prohibits me from hiring, nobody should prohibit me from firing. Are many freelancers going to be ruined? We are going to see it next day 2 and we are going to see it over the next few months. There will be no economic recovery in V and maybe not in U. We are headed for a recovery in L. Either the government changes course or unfortunately there are going to be many freelancers who stay on the road. We are going to see many bankruptcy processes because many freelancers are not going to be able to maintain the workforce and they are not going to have the money to pay back unemployment or the contributions that are going to be exonerated. The measures that have been taken are bread for today and hunger for tomorrow, and they have a dogmatic background. Does it mean that they are dictated by the pressure of Podemos? Well, what I am saying is that they are excessively ideological and not practical measures. And what they will mean for many freelancers and companies that enter bankruptcy. I was reading a joke now that shows very well what the reality is: 'My boss doesn't pay a dime, he doesn't have to pay me but he can't fire me, so I can't collect unemployment. Brilliant. You are some lights. What will happen tomorrow when the quota of self-employed is charged? I am going to answer it with a reality that is happening. Many freelancers are passing their credit card through the POS of their own activity in order to have money in the bank and pay the fee. They are paying with their credit card, credit card, so that the money arrives at the bank and they can meet the fee. Spain has been left in the queue to protect the self-employed in the field of coronavirus, just look at the measures that countries such as the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, France or Denmark have taken. We do not ask, we do not pay the fee, what we are saying is that at the moment there is no liquidity and that it be suspended. And we are not going to go to the banks to get into debt as they intend to pay fees and taxes. But the self-employed who are entitled to the benefit will automatically be compensated for the fee. The government is so tough that it will charge all the self-employed the fee and It will return, to those who have lost 75% of their business or have been forced to close, only the part of the quota that runs from March 14 to 31. The first 13 days will be charged. It is terrible, the Government has understood nothing. He has not understood that the self-employed have to continue paying a lot of expenses and the drawer is closed. A detail that shows what happens when legislating without the self-employed: the self-employed infected with coronavirus will be given a benefit of 700 euros but will be forced to pay a fee of 283 euros, with which, a self-employed infected by coronavirus will have a benefit of only 425 euros. Please explain. The self-employed coronavirus infected charges from the first day 75% of the base. The base, in the vast majority of cases, is 944 euros, and 75% is around 700 euros. But this freelance is obliged to continue contributing to Social Security. These are the paradoxes of when the self-employed are not heard. Escrivá defends that the minimum aid for the self-employed who suffer in their business the consequences of the coronavirus is 950 euros, as a result of adding the benefit and what they will not pay a fee. Is it correct to present the aid in this way? That is like telling an unemployed person that he is going to receive the part of unemployment that corresponds to him plus the part of social contributions. The unemployed are not able to tell them, the self-employed are sold like smoke, generating frustration when they see that the vast majority will charge 661 euros and not 950. He has been accused on numerous occasions of being listed to the right. Are the demands of ATA politicized? Regardless of the government, we would say the same in this situation. If our requests are politicized, so are those of the Spanish chambers of commerce, CEOE or the Professional Associations.

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