(Fighting New Crown Pneumonia) Fang Xinghai, Vice Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission: The more uncertain the market, the more risk management

China News Agency, Dalian, March 30 (Reporter Yang Yi) "The epidemic made us understand more deeply that the more uncertain the market is, the more it is necessary to manage risks, and the futures market can do a lot in this regard." China Securities Regulatory Commission The vice chairman of the meeting, Fang Xinghai, said in Dalian, Liaoning, on March 30 that, under the epidemic, the role of risk management in the futures market has become more prominent and the role has become more prominent.

On the same day, the listing activity of LPG futures and options was held at the Dalian Commodity Exchange, and Fang Xinghai said in his speech.

Fang Xinghai pointed out that liquefied petroleum gas is an important clean energy and has a bearing on national economy and people's livelihood. LPG futures and options are the first gas energy products in China's futures market, as well as the first products launched simultaneously with futures options. The listing of liquefied petroleum gas futures and options is a major progress in the construction of the domestic energy futures market system represented by coal, oil, and gas, and it is also a new attempt to list futures varieties.

Since the beginning of this year, due to various factors such as the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the international commodity and financial markets have fluctuated violently. Real companies generally face problems such as high inventory, difficult sales, poor industrial chain operation, and tight raw materials and cash flows. Operating risks have suddenly increased.

Fang Xinghai said that during the epidemic, the function of risk management in the futures market was prominent, and its role became more and more significant. It contributed to the "future strength" in fighting the epidemic, promoting resumption of production and stabilizing production and operation of enterprises. The futures industry is more active in creating over-the-counter tools such as "mask options", "glove options" and "disinfectant options" to directly support epidemic prevention production enterprises to stabilize spot supply prices and ensure production of epidemic prevention materials.

At the same time, Fang Xinghai also revealed in his speech that the futures market opened normally after the Spring Festival, withstood the test of large price fluctuations, and maintained steady progress. According to statistics, in the January-February this year, the total futures market turnover was 566 million hands, with a transaction value of 43.6 trillion yuan, an increase of 20.39% and 29.99% year-on-year.

He also pointed out that the more uncertain the market is, the more it is necessary to manage risk, and the futures market can do much better in this regard. In this regard, we should continue to innovate tools, increase market supply, improve the quality of market operations, expand opening to the outside world, and provide enterprises and investors with richer risk management tools. (Finish)