The Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Group, including Al Hilal Bank, has confirmed its commitment to protect the group’s employees, and that none of them will be dispensed during the current year due to the conditions imposed by the current stage due to the spread of the new Covid-19 epidemic.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Group Chairman Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak said: “The banking sector plays a pivotal role in ensuring the continued support of the local community in the UAE with its various segments of citizens, residents and business sector in light of the difficult circumstances the world is witnessing today. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank understands the importance of affirming its solidarity And his support to the employees and their families as they continue to perform their duties in the best way, despite the challenges imposed by this special period.

He added: "As directed by the Board of Directors, ADCB pledges not to lay off any of its employees during the current year as a result of the dimensions of the outbreak of the (Covid-19) emerging epidemic.
He also stressed the bank's continued implementation of its initiatives aimed at raising the level of efficiency of its operational operations and maintaining the qualitative value of its business.

The decision of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is in line with the endeavors of the government agencies of the UAE and the private sector to take the initiative and continue the close cooperation and concerted efforts between them to achieve an immediate and effective response to any economic challenges arising from this pandemic.