China News Network Kunming, March 27th (Zhang Chao) Reporter learned on the 27th from China Mobile Yunnan Company (hereinafter referred to as "Yunnan Mobile") that in order to fully support the communication service support work of assisting anti-epidemic medical staff in Hubei, Yunnan Mobile is On the basis of exempting the communication fee for medical staff in Hubei from January to February, a total of RMB 1.053 million was given as a free gift.

It is understood that from 10:00 on February 28th, Yunnan Mobile customers among the anti-epidemic medical staff received a heartwarming message sent by 10086. Yunnan Mobile donated 1,000 yuan to each of the front-line medical staff supporting the Hubei epidemic prevention and control, and set up a 10086 priority access service channel for the personnel in Hubei, and responded uninterruptedly. At the same time, the Yunnan Provincial Anti-epidemic Command team implemented call fee waiver and opened free-of-service services to the Hubei Medical Team, provincial epidemic prevention medical staff, media reporters at all levels, and customers in key epidemic areas, covering more than 60,000 people.

In addition, in order to cooperate with the release of public welfare information on prevention and control of epidemic warning, traffic status, public health, etc., Yunnan Mobile has sent customers over 2.6 billion outbreak reminders, over 20 million roaming reminders, and provided it to 15 million voice ringback customers. Free quarantine ring back tone, 3.74 million video ring back tone customers provide video quarantine ring back tone. (Finish)