The American car group General Motors (GM) has reached a settlement of $ 120 million (about 100 million euros) with car owners who were affected by a defective ignition switch and some other defects. They claim that the defects make their car worth less.

Faulty ignition locks on GM vehicles are said to have caused an unknown amount of car accidents, killing at least 124 people, Reuters writes Friday .

Since 2014, GM has recalled more than 2.6 million cars due to ignition lock issues. As a result, if the key ring is too heavy, the car can, for example, spring back into the off position, with the result that the engine breaks down, the gearbox can jam and airbags refuse service.

The car group previously reserved an amount of $ 400 million to compensate any victims. The US state sued GM six years ago for the many mistakes the company made. In it, a settlement of $ 900 million was reached. The judge has yet to approve the new deal.