Etisalat today announced the upgrade of the free CloudTalk Meeting platform features, to enable virtual meetings to be held for up to 50 users per meeting, in addition to providing the meeting moderator feature.

This update comes in response to the increasing demand for this platform and the widespread use of virtual meeting and remote work applications.

Etisalat lastly provided three-month free access to the unified virtual meeting platform CloudTalk Meeting, and immediately this move met with wide popularity with the business sector and government agencies that initiated using the platform and taking advantage of its distinguished services to activate the remote work system.

Etisalat Group President Salvador Engada said that Etisalat is committed to supporting the business sector in the country during these unprecedented circumstances by providing solutions and services that ensure business continuity and are not affected, noting that the CloudTalk Meeting platform contributes to the ease of applying a mechanism Working remotely for companies and institutions, continuing their dealings, and holding visual and invisible meetings with ease.

He explained that this platform with advanced features that depend on the secure local cloud environment provides a set of reliable services to ensure upgrading the experiences of the business sector and customers, adding that by raising the possibility of the number of users participating in virtual meetings, it becomes possible for more employees and customers to join together for these meetings and benefit from A secure digital platform that caters to all business needs.

In addition to the CloudTalk Meeting platform from Etisalat raising the number of users to 50 in the same virtual meeting, the Moderator meeting facilitator feature was made available to facilitate the management and coordination of meetings, as thanks to this update, more users can work remotely through very advanced features such as control In entering the virtual room and controlling the interaction of meeting participants, as well as current features such as "HD" video conferencing, invisible meetings, instant messaging, group chat, content exchange and other communication features.