Workers in the delivery service on the "Insta Cart" platform, which enables the possibility of requesting needs over the Internet, are threatened with a "strike" for work on Monday if the company does not provide them with the necessary protection against the Corona virus and their financial situation has not improved.

Two groups, "Insta Carte Shoppers" and "Gig Workers Collective", signed a message published on the "Medium" platform, accusing "Insta Carte" of "benefiting from us who are risking their lives, while refusing to give us effective protection, wages and compensation that are compatible with the risks we bear." ".

Like Uber drivers, Insta Carte delivery service workers are not working full time and are paid on a per-delivery basis. This application puts them in direct contact with consumers who request their needs from the grocery stores and the partner "supermarket" via the Internet while the delivery workers at the "Insta Cart" to shop them and deliver their belongings to their homes.

In the letter, they also ask for protective equipment, the least of which is disinfectants, in addition to an additional five dollars for each delivery service and better financial compensation, if the doctor recommends isolating them because of their infection or their vulnerability to the virus.

The signatories did not specify the number of people who represented them, but for them, "Insta Carte" took advantage of the epidemic to carry out a marketing campaign, as it turned into a legendary hero in relation to the quarantined and isolated families. "

"Insta Carte" was satisfied with mentioning in response to Agence France-Presse that "the health and safety of our entire society is our priority."

The company, headquartered in San Francisco, issued a statement announcing bonuses that will be granted to buyers with the extension of the payment period until May 8 for consumers in their homes throughout the quarantine period. But she no longer promised to provide hand sanitizer or sterile wipes.