Recently, a supermarket specializing in hot pot ingredients and cooking tools appeared on the streets of Chengdu, Sichuan. It is understood that the supermarket sells more than 300 kinds of dishes and more than 20 kinds of hot pot base materials. The pots and dips used to eat hot pots can also be prepared in the shop in a "one-stop shop". In addition, the hot pot supermarket also has a special eating area, but in order to prevent cross-infection of the epidemic, currently only provides "smell" services.

Store manager Luo Bin said that their store opened on March 17 because many people chose to cook hot pot at home during the epidemic, and the business has been very good since opening. Hotpot supermarket provides one-stop hot pot ingredients and cooking tools to help consumers avoid the trouble of traveling around. (Chen Xuanbin)

Editor-in-chief: [Luo Pan]