Stock price rises more than 700 yen Expectations for emergency economic measures March 27 15:49

In the Tokyo Stock Market on the 27th, orders for buying were widespread due to the expectation of urgent economic measures in countries affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, and the Nikkei Stock Average rose more than 700 yen.

The Tokyo Stock Market on the 27th was almost completely high, and the closing price of the Nikkei Stock Average was ¥ 19,389.43, up ¥ 724.83 from the 26th.

TSE Stock Index = Topics rose 60.17 to 1459.49.

The daily trading volume was 2,368.33 million shares.

According to a market source, "The spread of the new coronavirus is continuing, and in Tokyo and elsewhere, requests to refrain from going out have been issued, and investors are wary of the future. The movement to correct is also widespread, and unstable price movements will continue for the time being. "