As the contributions and initiatives of the business community in the UAE continue to support the great efforts made by the various agencies concerned in the country to confront the new Corona virus (Covid-19) and provide the highest levels of protection and protection to the community and all its members, the Mohammed and Obaid Al Mulla Group allocated four buildings equipped and equipped with all the requirements Living, to be at the disposal of the Dubai Health Authority if required to implement any preventive measures related to quarantine, as a confirmation of the partnership between the government and private sectors in facing the current challenge.

In this context, Emirati businessman Buti Al-Mulla, Chairman of the Group’s Board of Directors, said that the efforts taking place in the country require standing together with the relevant authorities to confront the Corona virus, particularly the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, and the Dubai Health Authority, stressing that strengthening and sustaining the great efforts made At all levels, in order to preserve the safety and health of citizens, residents, and visitors, there is a national duty and responsibility for the business sector to share.

Al Mulla pointed out that the buildings that were allocated will be at the disposal of "Dubai Health" for any health measures it deems appropriate, and that they are integrated in terms of living services, as they include 1200 beds, and equipped with the best means of prevention and health safety, noting that the group will spare no effort in doing everything It is necessary to enable our beloved homeland to overcome this transitory crisis as soon as possible.

In the same context, the American Hospital in Dubai announced the allocation of an integrated building of 390 beds, which is equipped with the best medical technology, in support of the Dubai Health Authority, in anticipation of any emerging conditions.

Sherif Bishara, CEO of the Mohammed and Obaid Al Mulla Group, Chairman of the Crisis Committee at the American Hospital, said that this building was equipped with the latest medical equipment, in terms of laboratories or radiology rooms, as well as artificial respirators, in addition to an integrated ambulance point equipped with the highest standards Global followed in such cases.

Bishara added that the building is supervised by a group of medical and nursing crews that have high capabilities and are ready to work around the clock and continuously, whenever necessary, pointing out that the American hospital was able to sterilize the building and equip it as a specialized hospital within 12 hours only, in addition to linking The hospital building on the one hand, and on the other hand, has been linked to the American Clinical Foundation for Support and Consulting.

It is noteworthy that community participation represents an essential pillar in the success of prevention efforts, including applying the principles of social separation, avoiding gatherings and mixing, and commitment to stay at home as much as possible and not leaving it except for the necessity of work or the utmost necessity, while the UAE is stepping up preventive measures taken in order to ensure The highest levels of protection against the virus currently spread in various locations in the world, with the adoption of all preventive measures, especially in air, sea and land ports, and the deployment of medical staff in those outlets, and the continued publication of health instructions and guidelines issued by the Ministry of For community health and prevention and to act upon WHO recommendations.