The director of the Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Economy, Dr. Hashem Al-Nuaimi, said that the ministry violated a contracting company in the country that sold masks after it published an advertisement on its website stating that it sold masks at high prices.

Al-Naimi added that the ministry has a complete list of the names of merchants who sell goods at high prices, especially masks and sterilizers, and some varieties of vegetables and fruits, stressing that the ministry has already started violating them and opened the door to closing these outlets.

He stated that the coming period will witness closures, violations, and warnings for stores that raised prices in the various emirates of the country, as well as a greater presence of oversight and inspection teams in various Emirates.

Al-Nuaimi said in a telephone interview with the direct line program via Sharjah TV, that the past period witnessed intense crowding at some of the sales outlets to such an extent that the outlets received up to 270 thousand shoppers in one day, which is a very huge number despite the abundance of all goods and the lack of Any deficiency in it.

He appealed to consumers not to buy large quantities of goods they do not need, noting that this eagerness to buy encouraged traders to raise prices without justification.

Al-Nuaimi said that some merchants sell vegetables and fruits at high prices and without an invoice, expressing regret that consumers are buying without a bill despite the presence of many alternatives in the markets.

He pointed out that the crisis in masks and sterilizers in the whole world, and not only in the UAE, is the result of an outbreak of the "Corona" virus worldwide and the increase in demand with a decrease in production.