"Cloud Sales" Helps the Used Car Industry

The sudden outbreak has impacted the used car trading industry. According to data released by the China Automobile Dealers Association, in February this year, the total transaction volume of the second-hand car market in China was 71,100. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the transaction volume fell by 92.78% month-on-month and 91.19% month-on-month.

As we all know, the used car industry is a highly dependent industry for offline transactions. One-to-one transactions with customers are a relatively fixed model. Different needs of customers require real-time communication offline. However, the epidemic has restricted people's travel and undoubtedly broke the transaction management of the used car industry. Facing the impact of the epidemic, second-hand car trading platforms have also shown their magical powers, using the "cloud sales" model to help the industry recover.

Car companies have turned to the line

During the epidemic prevention period, offline car purchases were hindered, and second-hand car sales companies turned to the Internet one after another, starting "cloud sales".

Guazi used car launch includes a variety of "contactless car purchase" modes. Through online consultation, purchase, signing, and file transfer, combined with comprehensive disinfection and cleaning of offline vehicles and venues, the entire process of "contactless car purchase" is realized. During the epidemic prevention period, the car perfected the online car purchase mode and upgraded the APP. Users can select online used cars from a large number of brands to understand the performance and specific parameters of each used car; based on advanced data, AI, etc. Technology, 58 City launched services such as car price estimation, testing, extended warranty, online video viewing, and smart recommended car sources for used cars.

Some experts said that second-hand cars are non-standard (non-standardized) products. One car is one condition, one car is one price, one land is one price. The actual condition of the car has always been a concern for consumers. Develop the habit of buying cars online. How to buy consumer cars online to gain consumer trust? Some used car trading platforms still need further exploration.

Live car sales are booming

During the epidemic prevention period, the frequency of people watching live broadcasts increased sharply, offline test runs were affected, and the demand for live broadcast watching cars increased against the trend.

A few days ago, Amoy used car launched online live video watching service, committed to bringing consumers a safer and more convenient one-stop car buying experience; understand the data of the car emperor shows that the number of dealers who have opened live broadcast is close to 5,000 , Covering nearly 80 brands. Through live broadcasts, auto companies and dealers have 4.7 times the number of user reviews and 2.6 times the number of launches.

Compared to “cloud watching cars” through photos and videos online, live broadcast cars with anchor explanations and personal experience are new and more intuitive, attracting many customer experiences. Users can see the dynamics of second-hand cars at a close range, and have a better understanding of the performance of second-hand cars under the guidance of professional live broadcasters. They can also ask questions and leave messages through pop-ups and comments to achieve interaction.

From selling cars offline to live broadcasting, it is a self-rescue measure during the epidemic prevention of the second-hand car industry, and it also reflects a change in sales thinking of the second-hand car industry. Live car sales can effectively reduce dealers' operating costs. Offline car sales require a venue. Large venues are expensive when they are open, and a car or a few people can perform a lively live broadcast, bringing a full range of used car information to the public.

But industry experts have also expressed concerns about this sales method: how to solve the problem of trust between users and the platform still exists; once users complete the car purchase, they will no longer become active users of live broadcast. Many obstacles still need to be overcome if the new form of live broadcast of used car sales can become a mainstream new sales model after the epidemic is over. As many netizens commented, after all, cars are not ordinary goods. Second-hand cars that cost tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan are more at ease.

Digital upgrade is key

The self-optimization of the used car sales industry is an inevitable measure to deal with the downturn in the industry during epidemic prevention, and digital upgrade is the key.

As early as 2014, Dashoucar deeply plowed the industry's bottom through the SaaS system, helping hundreds of thousands of front-end retail stores to achieve online workflow and digitization of various assets. At present, Dasouche has digitized 9,000 4S stores across the country and 90% of medium and large second-hand car dealers.

Digitization means digitizing the entire business process of second-hand cars, including online sales, offline tracking, real-time services, full store coverage, corporate management, and employee performance. Digitization means self-optimization of the used car industry.

CheePai launched Super 4S (used car version) as early as 2019, focusing on the use of AI technology and big data to drive business, helping dealer groups to establish a complete online operation system for the entire business chain of used cars and improve the overall used car business Profitability.

For the used car industry, the epidemic has both challenges and opportunities. Although it is difficult for consumers to complete corresponding consumer services through traditional offline second-hand car channels, which has impacted 4S stores, used car markets, small and medium-sized car dealers, and vehicle maintenance service providers, it has also stimulated people's attention to self-driving travel, and Concerned about cost-effective, high-quality, and high-guarantee second-hand car consumption. In the long run, the market space for used car trading has not changed. Through the epidemic examination, many second-hand car sales companies have realized that digital and online upgrade windows, including marketing, have been opened to improve self-optimization capabilities, rely on new technologies to realize business digitization, and open up new aspects of the industry. The long-term development of the industry is even more important.

Liu Zexi Zhang Pengyu