The Bank of Korea has decided to supply unlimited liquidity to financial institutions for the time being to alleviate financial market instability.

On the morning of the 26th, Han Eun-han held the Financial Currency Committee and decided to revise the 'Bank's Open Market Operation Regulations and Financial Institution Loan Regulations', which included unlimited purchases of RPs and expansion of target institutions and target markets. .

Through this, the government plans to ensure that sufficient funds are supplied to the government's public welfare and financial stability package program, which is more than 100 trillion won.

To this end, Han Eun decided to purchase RP on a regular basis once a week until the end of June to supply all the liquidity demand in the market without restrictions.

The interest rate was set at the upper limit of 0.85% by adding 0.1% points to the base rate (0.75% per year).

Recruitment rates are announced separately for each bid.

After July, the market situation and bidding results are taken into account to decide whether to extend the measures.

In addition, Han Eun added 11 securities companies to the target institutions for open market operation, and expanded the target securities to 8 public institution special bonds.

The number of non-bank target institutions subject to RP sales will increase from 5 companies to 16 companies.

For Daesang Securities, bonds issued by Korea Electric Power Corporation, Korea Expressway Corporation, Korea Gas Corporation, Korea Land & Housing Corporation, Korea Railroad Corporation, Korea Railroad Authority, Korea Water Resources Corporation, and Small & Medium Venture Business Promotion Corporation are added.