Japan Post Insurance Keeping self-restraint after April Prior to investigating inappropriate contracts

The Japan Post Group, which has been suspended from selling insurance until the end of this month due to administrative disposition due to improper sales of Japan Post Insurance, has decided to continue refraining from marketing activities next month. This is to give priority to investigating contracts that are allegedly inappropriate.

Due to improper sales of Japan Post Insurance, Japan Post Group has received administrative sanctions from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Financial Services Agency ordering that insurance sales be suspended until the end of this month.

The company announced on Tuesday that it will refrain from operating insurance business after the end of the administrative sanctions period next month.

Japan Post Group in a series of problems, in addition to the investigation of the contract with inappropriate suspected of going from last year, to advance to the prospect of this year the end of June an additional investigation to elucidate the whole picture.

The company explains that it has decided to continue self-restraint in order to prioritize research and preventive measures.

We will decide when to resume operations in the future, taking into account the opinions of outside experts.

In addition, Japan Post Bank's investment trusts, which are handled by post offices, will also refrain from operating for the time being, as well as Japan Post Insurance.

According to the Japan Post Group, "We sincerely apologize to our customers and related parties for their inconvenience. We will work together to restore trust."