The quarantine response system has been adjusted by the quarantine authority centered on the cases of suspected coronavirus infection-19 (corona19) among immigrants from Europe.

This is to thoroughly manage symptomatic immigrants, with an average of 1,000 immigrants from Europe per day.

The Central Quarantine and Prevention Headquarters said, “From today (24th) 2pm, domestic asymptomatic cases among immigrants from Europe will be self-contained, and will be inspected within 3 days of entering the local health center.”

As Corona 19 spreads rapidly around Europe, the government is conducting diagnostic tests on all immigrants departing from Europe starting at 00:00 on the 22nd of this month.

Immigrants who had suspected symptoms such as fever and cough such as Corona 19 were diagnosed at an airport quarantine quarantine facility and, if there were no symptoms, moved to a designated temporary living facility for examination.

Kwon Deputy General Manager explained, "We are trying to streamline the quarantine response system centered on the bequest box in preparation for the increase in the number of bequest boxes due to the rapid increase in the number of immigrants coming from Europe to Korea."

As a result, the quarantine authorities convert some of the existing immigration inspection and quarantine facilities into a quarantine box with suspected corona19 symptoms.

The bequest box will be tested at the same airport as before, but if it is positive for the diagnostic test, it will be hospitalized or quarantined according to the severity.

In the case of foreigners, the facility is quarantined and inspected.

Foreigners who have entered Korea for the purpose of long-term stay will quarantine self-facilities for 14 days even if they confirm the negative result, and will actively monitor short-term residents.

Kwon said, "The foreign situation itself, especially in Europe, has been improved for sufficient response because there is a possibility that there will be an increase in the number of bequests in the future." We will also expand the facilities for bequests if necessary.

On the first day of strengthening the quarantine procedures on the 22nd, vice president Vice President Kwon said, "It is one of several operational improvement measures."

He continued, "We will thoroughly prevent any spreading concerns that may occur due to the bequest box from the immigration stage. We will endeavor to prevent the spread or damage of the community by asylum victims."

According to quarantine authorities, 19 of the immigrants from Europe were confirmed on the 22nd.

This is a statistic that was collected by 9:00 am today (24th), and the number of confirmed patients may increase depending on the results of future tests.

Regarding what measures are taken against quarantine officials who have contacted confirmers, Kwon said, "We are determining whether to be a contact and taking action according to the judgment of the epidemiological investigator."

Meanwhile, the number of corona19 diagnoses from overseas to Korea continues to increase.

As of today, at 0:00 am, of the 9,37 cumulative confirmed cases of corona19 in Korea, a total of 171 were identified as cases related to overseas inflow through epidemiological investigation.

In particular, of the 76 new confirmers confirmed yesterday, a total of 22 are estimated to be related to overseas inflows.

That's 28.9% of new confirmers every day.

By region, there are 18 from Europe and 4 from the Americas.

There were 20 Koreans, the majority, and 2 foreigners.

Twenty were confirmed during the quarantine process at the airport, etc., but the other two were confirmed by the community after entering.

"We are constantly experiencing cases of overseas inflows in Europe," said Kwon, deputy general manager.