The State Council's joint prevention and control mechanism briefing session introduced the situation related to the promotion of consumer replenishment and potential release-
Boosting consumer confidence in the new business format <br /> Economic Daily · China Economic Network reporter Wu Jiajia

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has a large impact on China's consumption in the short term. Promoting consumption recovery and potential release are key measures to effectively hedge the impact of the epidemic and boost the economy. During the epidemic, new-type consumption represented by online shopping and online services showed strong vitality and became a new driving force for China's economic development. At the same time, the cultural tourism industry, with digital content as its core, is developing rapidly, and new types of users, such as cloud entertainment, cloud live broadcast, and cloud show, are on the rise.

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has had a greater impact on consumption. The latest data show that from January to February, the total retail sales of social consumer goods nationwide fell by 20.5% year-on-year, and the growth rate fell by 28.7 percentage points from the same period last year. How to boost consumption, promote consumption recovery and potential release? On March 18, the State Council's joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference to introduce the relevant situation.

The long-term stable trend of China's consumption has not changed

From January to February, China ’s auto sales fell by 37% year-on-year, furniture fell by 33.5%, building materials fell by 30.5%, home appliances fell by 30%, and passenger flow in industries and formats such as accommodation, catering, beauty salons, large department stores, shopping malls, etc. fell sharply. Enterprises face greater difficulties.

"Overall, the epidemic has a large impact on consumption in the short term, and it will moderate in the medium term." Wang Bin, head of the Department of Consumer Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, said that with the implementation of a series of policies to promote consumption, consumption is expected to gradually recover. The epidemic will not change the development trend of long-term stability and continuous upgrading of China's consumption.

"Last year, consumption contributed 57.8% to the growth of the national economy, and it has become the first engine to stimulate China's economic growth for six consecutive years." According to Ha Zengyou, director of the Division of Employment Income Distribution and Consumption of the National Development and Reform Commission, promoting consumption recovery Compensation potential release is a key measure to effectively hedge the impact of the epidemic and boost the economy. Especially in the context of the accelerated spread of foreign epidemics, it is time to focus on expanding domestic consumption and fostering a strong domestic market. To this end, we must highlight two things. One is to guide local governments to implement well-established measures to increase consumption; the other is to support local governments to launch a number of pragmatic and effective measures in accordance with their own realities.

Wang Bin said that the current period will focus on the resumption of business, guide and urge the regions with low epidemic risk and slow resumption progress to organize the opening of business and circulation companies to resume normal market operations as soon as possible. Further research and put forward policies and measures to promote the consumption of key commodities such as automobiles, furniture, and home appliances, promote the transformation of automobile purchase restrictions to guided use policies, support and guide local governments to formulate reward and compensation policies, and encourage enterprises to carry out trade-in of electronic products. Improve the convenience consumer network, optimize the layout of convenience stores and food markets, and build community convenience commercial districts.

New consumption shows strong vitality

"China's consumption shows strong resilience and vitality. New types of consumption and upgraded consumption are constantly expanding, and new consumption models such as contactless distribution, unmanned retail, and live broadcast retail are rapidly developing; artificial intelligence, remote office, 'Internet + medical + pharmacy' and other inverse Potential development. "Wang Bin said.

During the epidemic, new-type consumption represented by online shopping and online services showed strong vitality. In order to deal with the impact of the epidemic, retail and catering companies are actively developing online business, accelerating the development of contactless services such as Internet sales and takeaway food delivery. Hema Xiansheng, Dingdong buys food, Meituan “Reassuring Restaurant”, JD Daojia and a large number of communities to promote The innovation mode of consumption is accelerating.

Statistics show that from January to February, online retail sales of physical goods nationwide increased by 3% year-on-year, accounting for 21.5% of total retail sales of consumer goods, an increase of 5 percentage points year-on-year. New consumption will become a new driving force for China's economic development.

How to cultivate and develop new consumption? Ha Zengyou said that in the next step, the National Development and Reform Commission will accelerate the construction of a new generation of information infrastructure focusing on 5G networks and data centers, and strive to promote full coverage of information services; encourage the development of new online and offline integration consumption models, and promote traditional sales Upgrade services and services online; encourage the use of green smart products to promote healthy living habits; adhere to inclusive and prudent supervision to promote the healthy development of new consumption.

Digital cultural travel industry users soar

With the continuous improvement of the epidemic situation, how to meet the cultural and tourism consumption needs of the general public? Gao Zheng, the director of the Industrial Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said that during the epidemic period, many offline entertainment activities were affected, but the cultural tourism industry, with digital content as its core, developed rapidly. Cloud entertainment, cloud live broadcast, cloud viewing exhibition and other new format users are soaring, major online travel platforms have launched cloud travel projects, and museums around the world have launched more than 2,000 online exhibitions, with a total of more than 5 billion visits during the Spring Festival, and many 5A-level scenic spots Opened an online tour function, a group of VR (virtual reality technology) cultural tourism products were spread on the Internet, allowing people to enjoy the great country and rich culture of the motherland without leaving home.

Gao Zheng said that the next step will be to further promote the development of the digital cultural tourism industry in four aspects. The first is to implement fiscal, taxation, and financial policies to help enterprises work hard to reduce the impact of the epidemic and enhance the development confidence and stamina of digital cultural tourism enterprises. The second is to grasp the new trends and requirements of industrial development, seize the development opportunities of new technologies such as 5G and ultra high definition, and vigorously cultivate new business formats. The third is to expand the supply of high-quality digital cultural tourism products, accelerate the release of emerging consumer potential, develop immersive and experiential cultural tourism consumption, and guide and cultivate new consumer hotspots and new models such as online consumption, experience consumption, and smart consumption. The fourth is to seize the development opportunities of the digital economy, strengthen the construction of new infrastructure, promote the deep integration of cultural tourism and the digital economy, promote the digital, networked, and intelligent development of the cultural tourism industry, and continue to integrate into the digital economic development landscape.

Gao Zheng said that as of March 16, 3,714 A-level tourist attractions in 28 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have resumed operations, and the rate of resumption of work has exceeded 30%. The outdoor tourist places such as scenic spots and citizen parks are running smoothly without any abnormalities. As of March 15, more than 180 museums in Shaanxi, Shanghai, Sichuan, and other places have resumed opening, of which 19 first-tier museums have resumed opening. Online real-name appointments, total volume control, time-sharing, regional opening, Measures such as audio explanations and digital tours reduce staff gathering.