Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for Yahoo's Holding Company Approved for Integration Procedure with LINE March 17 13:52

An extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Yahoo's holding company, Z Holdings, was held on the 17th, and the necessary procedures for the business integration with LINE scheduled for October are approved.

The General Meeting of Shareholders of Z Holdings was held in Tokyo on the morning of the 17th, with over 150 shareholders attending.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, officers who took the stage wore masks and shareholders took measures such as sitting down at intervals.

At the beginning, President Kentaro Kawabe explained the purpose of the business integration with LINE, including competing with huge IT companies in the United States and China, and said, "By linking the customer bases and services of both companies, we can become a stronger company. You can compete in the world. "

Shareholders responded by asking questions about the effectiveness of the integration, such as the extent to which their advertising business customers overlap.

As a result, all proposals were approved, including the necessary procedures for integration.

The two companies are expected to merge in October, subject to the approval of authorities such as Japan and South Korea. After the merger, Yahoo and LINE will be under the umbrella of the holding company Z Holdings.