Asian stocks plunge deeply Concern over growing impact of new virus March 16 19:08

Asian stock markets on the 16th of the week will continue to sell orders after the US Federal Reserve decides on a virtually zero interest rate policy due to persistent concerns over the impact of the new coronavirus. , Stock prices fell sharply across the board.

The stock markets in China and Shanghai have gradually widened their orders due to sell orders, and the “comprehensive index” of the representative stock index has traded on Tuesday with a significant 3.4% drop compared to last weekend's closing price. Finished.

Sales orders are expanding in other Asian markets as well, compared to last weekend's closing price,
▼ About 5.2% in Singapore,
▼ About 4% in Hong Kong and Taiwan,
▼ Korea also fell sharply, at 3.1%.

▼ Australia plunged 9.7%.

Market officials said, "The US Federal Reserve's de facto zero interest rate policy and the world's major central banks' cooperative stance, including the supply of dollar funds, were perceived as positive factors. As the spread of infections in various parts of the country begins to seriously affect the economy, there is a growing view that it is difficult for monetary policy alone to support the economy. "