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Launched in 2003, the Tesla brand began assembling electric vehicles in 2008. In twelve years, one million cars have left its factories. An historic milestone for an automaker, Numerama reports.

The equally historic milestone of two million vehicles produced should be reached much more quickly. According to Elon Musk, it should even be exceeded next year, in 2021, said the CEO on Twitter on Tuesday.

Congratulations Tesla team on making our 1,000,000th car !! pic.twitter.com/5M99a9LLQi

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 10, 2020

A fifth factory planned in the United States

In a tweet, the billionaire congratulated his teams on the assembly of the brand's millionth car, a red Tesla Model Y. But the American manufacturer has continued to accelerate its production rate for several years. In 2019, 365,000 electric cars were manufactured and in 2020, that number should increase to 500,000 according to Elon Musk.

New article: Tesla has taken 12 years to produce 1 million cars, but the 2 million will arrive very quickly https://t.co/SW5tWyqaTq via @numerama #tech #news pic.twitter.com/ebbSx4eWri

- numeramarss (@numeramarss) March 11, 2020

This growth is due to a wider range of vehicles, including the Model 3 (the most affordable model) as well as the construction of new assembly plants, including one recently inaugurated in China. A fourth plant is under construction in Germany, and Elon Musk said he was looking for land for a fifth plant in the United States.


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