According to the convention, spring is a hot sale period for all kinds of fruits and vegetables. However, affected by the epidemic, farmers in many places across the country are in trouble.

Pineapple from Honghe, passion fruit from Dali ... For farmers, it means that the efforts of last year's cultivation have gone to waste. Big data shows that in February, information related to "agricultural assistance" such as "e-commerce", "platform", and "enterprise" have become relevant popular keywords.

On the one hand, there are slow-moving fruits and vegetables, and on the other hand, there is a large demand from the city. In order to reduce farmers' losses and not to waste a year, various e-commerce platforms represented by Taobao and have launched assistance measures, from tilting traffic to subsidizing funds In terms of relief for fruit farmers, the e-commerce platform's helping hand reached out to the fields, and the unsalable agricultural products in the village went online.

As for consumers, on various social media, we can see some agricultural products that satisfy consumers, and it is not disappointing. Why do the products you love to help farmers frequently roll over? What's the problem?

Side A: E-commerce helps farmers solve their problems

Some people may have such confusion. Recently, there is a large demand for fresh produce. Why is there still a phenomenon of slow sales of fruits and vegetables? There are two main factors, one is that logistics is blocked, and the other is that traditional suppliers lack online channels.

Under such circumstances, many farmers have sent out distress signals, and many people have begun to do their best to help them overcome the difficulties. No winter will not pass, no spring will not come. To help farmers, Yunnan government departments, Taobao,, Pinduoduo and other e-commerce platforms have successively issued agricultural assistance policies to solve the problem of unsalable agricultural products.

Passion fruit rotten in Longchuan County, Dali

From March 1st to June 1st, 2020, it was co-sponsored by the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of Yunnan Province, the Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province, and Yunnan Radio and Television Station, targeting production, sales, and funds encountered by agricultural production areas, enterprises, or individuals in Yunnan Province. And other issues, carry out "anti-epidemic assistance to help farmers overcome common difficulties" public welfare activities.

On February 6th, Taobao launched the Love Agriculture Assistance Program to help the country's slow-selling agricultural products find their way. Subsequently, Taobao also announced the establishment of a billion love fund for agriculture. The Alibaba Group gathers Tmall, Taobao, Juhuasuan, Hema, Hungry, Ali Village Business Department, etc. to form a global network of online and offline agricultural product sales.

On February 10, Pinduoduo launched the "Anti-epidemic Agricultural Products Zone" to provide top-level online traffic resource support, and added a "feedback portal for information on agricultural products that are unsaleable" to collect information on unsaleable agricultural products from the whole society. According to Pinduoduo, the Pinduoduo Special Agricultural Zone has covered nearly 400 agricultural production areas across the country, including more than 230 national poverty-stricken counties.

On February 18th, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Management Leadership College, Beijing Poverty Alleviation Support Office, China Social Poverty Alleviation Network, Today's Headline, Watermelon Video, and Douyin jointly launched the "Joint War Epidemic, Helping Farmers from All Sides" campaign. The "War Epidemics and Aid Agriculture" topic area to improve the efficiency of information matching between supply and demand of agricultural products and help local agricultural products find sales. opened the “National Fresh Product Green Channel” on February 10. Subsequently, Jingdong's social e-commerce platform Jingxi launched the "Jingxi Helping Agriculture" venue. Jingxi has set up a green channel to help farmers and businesses quickly settle in and open stores, and it can complete the review and online settlement related processes as fast as 6 hours.

With the support of the e-commerce platform, more and more farmers have smiled. Presumably for farmers who have not tried e-commerce channels before, they will pay more attention to online sales channels in the future.

Opening up sales is the key

In the context of epidemic prevention and control, strong demand is still there, but fruit farmers and buyers who have relied on offline channels for a long time and rarely touch the Internet do not know how to take over.

The technology industry has a specialization and lacks experience in online farming, which focuses on planting technology. The e-commerce platform, which has long cultivated online channels, can help in the supply chain, logistics, front-end operations, and slanting of traffic. The entry points of the e-commerce platform are almost the same: efficient docking of the supply side, lowering the threshold for opening a store and the cost of sales, special recommendations, opening up live broadcast capabilities, and subsidizing slow-moving goods.

The special situation under the epidemic situation has not been experienced by the platform and the farmers. In the implementation process of the agricultural assistance project, the platform side also has problems that need to be resolved. Many fruit farmers have not been exposed to online channels before, and they know nothing about the store opening process and store operations. In this regard, e-commerce platforms have also invested human and resource solutions.

Multi-stakeholder benefits to agricultural projects

On the sixth day of the new year, the owner of the Beijing Hi-Tech platform, Akita, bought the responsible person in Yunnan to reach the local village, but it took four days to communicate with the local government and fruit farmers to reach an acquisition plan: The farmers first went to the village committee to issue a certificate to gather the fruits. Then, a representative was sent to use a tricycle to pull the fruit to the designated location on the secondary road. Akita sent a car to collect the fruit in the past. After the e-commerce platform launched support measures at this time to open up the sales channels, the supply side and online demand were connected, and the merchants had the confidence to purchase agricultural products.

At the same time that the slow-moving problem is solved, the agricultural assistance project has implications for the platform and the production side. For a long time, there have been many circulations of agricultural products, including fresh fruits, and each layer has its own points of interest, which has led to the price of agricultural products being lowered at the production end and the prices of consumer terminals being raised. During the epidemic period, agricultural assistance projects were more directly connected with the origin and industrial belts. Compared with the past, there were fewer intermediate links. The production side directly faced consumers, and the products were more cost-effective. For the platform, the upstream supply chain of agricultural products was improved.

For the production end who has not tried online channels before, the farmer assistance project has made fruit farmers and industry leaders realize that e-commerce is an effective sales channel, and the trend of going online will be more and more intense in the future.

There is still room for e-commerce to help Yunnan out of poverty

"In recent years, Yunnan's online retail sales have grown rapidly, the total sales of social retail products have continued to increase, the number of companies engaged in online transactions has continued to increase, and the development of e-commerce has taken shape." Said Yue Ya, an associate professor at the School of Economics and Management of Yunnan Agricultural University. With the joint efforts of the government and relevant departments, the scale of e-commerce for specialty agricultural products has grown rapidly, agricultural specialties have taken advantage of the mountain, and villagers' income has increased. "

However, rural e-commerce in Yunnan still has factors such as backward business information transmission methods and methods, a small number of well-known agricultural specialty brands, imbalanced regional e-commerce development in the province, a weak foundation, and inadequate modern logistics service systems. Rapid business development.

Experts said that in addition to training e-commerce talents, the government should strengthen guidance. It is possible to increase learning, learn from the typical experience inside and outside the province, and organize cadres to see on the spot and learn on the spot to enhance the confidence in developing e-commerce. In addition, while focusing on establishing and improving the three-level logistics distribution system at the county, township, and village levels, we must coordinate the development of rural logistics, strengthen the planning and integration of rural logistics infrastructure such as transportation, agriculture, supply and marketing, and postal delivery, and gradually establish the circulation of agricultural products. Logistics park with comprehensive service functions such as processing, storage, transportation, and distribution. At the same time, a good ecological environment for e-commerce should also be created. The government can create e-commerce industrial parks, incubators, and maker spaces to attract e-commerce and related supporting service companies to settle in, form resource sharing, and promote e-commerce to enter a healthy development track.

Side B: Why are there still pit products for consumers who buy agricultural products?

"When it comes to farming fruits, I don't believe anyone is worse than me." A netizen exposed the strawberries he bought for farming in the Douban group. Most of the nearly 40 strawberries were black and rotten.

The user who bought another strawberry farmer checked it after receiving the goods, although the appearance did not look good, at least there were no bad results. But after weighing, she found that the promised 3 pounds of goods was actually less than 2 pounds. After contacting the customer service once, she did not get a response.

Many netizens have also posted their own fruit for helping farmers. In the past month, on various social media, we can see some consumer assistance products that are satisfying consumers, and it is not disappointing. "Buying agricultural products is a 'character' game."

The contradiction between price and quality

"The agricultural products you buy every day are graded products that have been screened, and the screening rate ranges from 10% to 50%." Weibo Da V Otter mentioned, "And you see that the backlog of farmers in a certain area is xx kilograms of uniform goods. "If you're" aiding the farmer ", he will send the general goods to you, and at least half of them should be thrown away or the cannery."

The so-called unified goods refer to the goods sold at a uniform price regardless of quality, specifications and grades. The higher prices of agricultural products sold by the supermarkets are due to the additional cost of screening products, and the products purchased at cheap prices have to bear some damage costs virtually.

Unlike offline supermarkets and fruit stores, fruits purchased by users on the e-commerce platform are often sold in bulk. Affordable prices are important or even the most important reason for users to choose to buy fruits on the e-commerce platform. Compared with offline supermarkets, fruit stores, or higher, they will face a situation of blocked sales.

In the face of business operation logic, price and quality are irreconcilable contradictions. When a user purchases a product at a price much lower than the market price, the level of the received product may be lower, even if the originating hair reduces the middleman link.

"Agricultural help" used by middlemen

The platform's agricultural assistance activities launched to solve the slow-moving agricultural products are sometimes used by middlemen. "It is not farmers who help agriculture but middlemen." A user realized this after going through several times to help farmers with fruit.

"Some agricultural products are actually commercial operations, just the secretive minds of ordinary good people." Fresh food industry practitioners and users know "Jiushan's Shore". Some shops under the banner of helping farmers are actually shops operated by middlemen and suppliers. "The fruits I bought for farming, Guangxi Wokan are from Yunnan, and Fujian Red Bar is from Chengdu." A user said .

Jiushanzhibin revealed that one of the reasons for the poor quality of fruits received by users is that many agricultural products are sold as ground fruit. Some of these fruits will be disposed of as garbage, and some will be sold to fruit juice at a very low price. Factory, but now they sell these waste products at a slightly lower price through the e-commerce platform, "It is an IQ tax like a fake replacement."

These fruits generally win by volume, because many people are recruited at cheap prices, and the claims are very troublesome, and most people do not care about recruiting. "If you do well, you can sell hundreds of thousands of copies a month. Even if you only make 3 yuan per copy, there are almost a million profits."

Platform Regulatory Vulnerability

Caring for agriculture has even formed a complete industrial process. "A lot of photos of veterans are taken by professional models. You can find their photos in many different types of products." According to Jiushanzhibin, one mode of operation for selling fruits online is to sell floor fruits. Send people to pick up at garbage dumps, riversides, orchards, "basically zero cost", only sell for 3 months a year, rest after 3 months, return to zero after half a year, and then continue to operate.

Xiao Liu, who worked as a customer service in a fruit store, summarized the operation process of a black-hearted businessman-the store was bought with its own store grade; the picture is PS; the packaging is difficult to say, and fruits such as fruit are rotten if the packaging is not good Or it was damaged in transit; the evaluation was brushed.

E-commerce agricultural assistance policies can indeed help farmers,

Can also bring benefits to consumers,

But you still need to brighten your eyes,

Don't let the adulterer get out of business!

Don't turn e-commerce to the countryside into buying more than selling

What to do for an agricultural product e-commerce entrepreneur

First, it is necessary to set a good posture for e-commerce for agricultural products. Many young people returned to their hometowns and found that their homes were all agricultural products. They wanted to sell them online, and even wanted to integrate all the local agricultural products. But they must understand that not all agricultural products can be used on the Internet train.

Second, not all agricultural products need to travel abroad, outside the province, or outside the city. More than 80% of agricultural products are consumed locally. Therefore, if you imagine that all agricultural products in each county will be sold on the Internet to the whole of China and the world, this is a wrong idea in itself.

Third, agricultural products as e-commerce, especially fresh, have their own insurmountable shortcomings. The first is particularly cumbersome and the logistics costs are very expensive; the second is especially difficult to keep fresh, such as the most difficult to maintain the preservation of green leafy vegetables, SF can not do, neither wilting nor yellowing, logistics is difficult to achieve; the third is very standardized Difficult, Zhang Sanli's four watermelons and melon mixed together easily appeared. After eating the first bite, I remembered the sweet and sweet first love, and the second bite wanted to throw away.

How to sell Murakami's good products

First, vegetables and many other things are not just online retail, but also wholesale. Wholesale is not only offline, but also online.

Second, when you start selling, do n’t think about integrating all the local agricultural products. When a Taobao shop or an online shop stuffs so many agricultural products, others call your shop “unintelligible”, but they blur the impression.

Third, the problem brought about is that after integrating many agricultural products, the supply chain and industrial chain control capabilities are not matched, which is easy to cause problems. Therefore, you must first come up with something suitable for Internet access, test the water first, and then proceed step by step; there must be a team, and the e-commerce of agricultural products is more complicated, which requires team collaboration to complete; it is best to match the government's e-commerce planning policy.

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