Toyota luxury car brand "Lexus" to reduce production China demand decreases March 10 12:49

Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. has reported that demand for the luxury car brand Lexus in China has fallen below expectations due to the spread of the new coronavirus. Decided to reduce production.

According to officials, Toyota has decided to reduce production volume of its luxury car brand "Lexus" at its factories in Fukuoka Prefecture and Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture, from about 16 weeks this month to the end of the month.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, demand in China is lower than expected. Production of sedans and SUVs at the two plants has been reduced by more than 1600 units from the initial plan, by about 6%. You.

Last year, Toyota sold more than 1.62 million vehicles in the world's largest automobile market, China, surpassing the Japanese market. Of those, Lexus sales exceeded the previous year by 25%, and this was the driving force for expanding market share in China However, the spread of the new coronavirus is affecting the domestic production and export of automobiles.