Chinanews Client Beijing, March 9th (Zhuo Yukun) On the 9th, the Hurun Research Institute released the "2020 Hurun Global Young Men's Self-made Rich List", which counted the world ’s under 40 (including 40) and self-made There are 53 billion-dollar entrepreneurs on the list, 7 more than last year.

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Mark Zuckerberg (35 years old), ranked fifth in this year's "Hurun Global Rich List", whose wealth increased by 50 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), became the richest self-made post-80s richest man in the 80s for the fifth year Huang Yong, 40, of Pinduoduo, ranked second with 126 billion yuan; Zhang Yiming, 37, who was the founder of Byte Beat and Douyin, ranked third with 97 billion yuan.

There are 18 new faces on the list. The top ranking is Pavel Durov, a Dubai-based communication application Telegram. The most advanced newcomer in China is Cheng Yixiao, a good player, and Mu Rongjun, a US group commentary.

The top ten China occupies the fourth place, and Pinduoduo won the first place in China.

Fortune's 40-year-old Huanghua's wealth increased by 20%, ranking second with 126 billion yuan, and re-elected China's richest self-made post-80s generation. At the same time, he is the fastest person in the list to reach one billion US dollars. Pinduoduo was founded in 2015. It took only two years for Huang Ye to create the first one billion US dollars. In the previous "Hurun Global Rich List", Huang Hua was ranked 12th in China's rich list.

The top 10 list of "Hurun Global Young Men's Self-made Rich List of 2020".

Byte-beating 37-year-old Zhang Yiming rose to a third place with a fortune ranking of RMB 97 billion. According to the Hurun Global Unicorn List 2019, ByteDance is the second most valuable unicorn in the world, valued at 500 billion yuan, behind Jack Ma's Ant Financial Services.

After-school tutoring organization Zhang Bangxin, the 39-year-old's fortune, doubled in wealth, rose five places to sixth with a ranking of 73 billion yuan, and became the world's richest education. At present, the market value of Good Future is more than 230 billion yuan, and its business has covered nearly 800 teaching centers in 70 cities in China. Net income in the first three quarters of last year increased by 36% year-on-year to 17.5 billion yuan.

Wang Tao, a 40-year-old DJI who lives in Shenzhen, ranked ninth with a fortune of 48 billion yuan. DJI has created a highly automated civilian aerial photography drone. In February this year, the DJI Agriculture 2020 Demonstration Field Project was officially launched in Jiangmen City, Guangdong.

Eighteen new rich, nearly half are from China

There are 18 new faces on the list, of which 8 are from China, 4 are from India, and 3 are from the United States. The top newcomer is Pavel Durov, a telegram application based in Dubai.

18 newcomers in the "2020 Hurun Global Young Men's Self-made Rich List".

Among the Chinese newcomers, the most advanced are Cheng Yixiao and Mu Rongjun, who are from Meituan, ranked second and fifth on the rookie list. Followed by Liu Yachao of the good future, Xu Mingxing of OKCoin, Hu Xingrong of Dover, Lin Qi of Youzu Network, Li Lin of Huobi, and Wang Yiran of Shiyuan.

China's post-80s self-made entrepreneurs on the "2020 Hurun Global Young Men's Self-made Rich List".

"China has added eight new faces, almost three times that of the United States. India has added four and is also ahead of the United States. They have made the first one billion dollars in six years on average." Hu Run said.

Four post-90s on the list, the youngest on the list is only 22 years old

In this list, there are four post-90s. The 22-year-old California cosmetics queen Kylie Jenner has become the youngest self-made billionaire entrepreneur. She is also the only post-95 and 53 on the list. One of the only two women on the list-the other is 39-year-old Wu Yan, an entertainment investment group living in Shanghai, China.

Hu Run said, "Emerging industries and new ways of socializing have provided these young entrepreneurs with the opportunity to make a lot of money. It is difficult to think that there are four post-90s on our list of self-employed entrepreneurs under 40, one of which is still post-95. . "

Indeed, of the entrepreneurs on the list, Jenner also has the most social media followers. She has 150 million followers on Instagram. This is good news for Mark Zuckerberg. He bought it from Kevin Systrom in 2012. Instagram.

The 34-year-old Peng Guoyuan is the youngest self-made billionaire entrepreneur in China, followed by Cheng Yixiao, a fast-moving star from OKCoin, and Shao Heng from Century Huatong. All three are 35 years old.

What are young talents doing from scratch?

On the whole, e-commerce and social media have created the most billion-dollar entrepreneurs in the 1980s, with 8 and 7 on the list respectively; followed by the sharing economy and online games. Interestingly, there are 3 people engaged in virtual currency transactions, and two of them are OKCoin Xu Mingxing and Huobi Li Lin from China.

Of the 18 newly added rich, five are from the e-commerce industry, and two each have virtual currency trading, online games and education.

2020 Hurun's global distribution of young and self-made rich people from scratch.

In terms of breakdown, in the field of e-commerce, the 37-year-old Ernest Garcia III of Carvana, a US used car trading platform, made the list for the first time this year with a fortune of 11 billion yuan. Canadian e-commerce shopify shares rose 25%, and German-born 39-year-old Tobias Lutke's wealth rose to 29 billion yuan. The 38-year-old Suhua Wealth in Beijing, a fast-hander, rose 32% to 20 billion yuan. After Taobao Live and Douyin, Kuaishou has accumulated 8% of the live e-commerce market in China.

Companies in the sharing economy sector are under pressure recently. For example, 36-year-old Ryan Graves, former CEO of Uber, lost 20% of his wealth to 11 billion yuan; the valuation of WeWork in the co-working space dropped from $ 45 billion to less than $ 8 billion, and his founder cancelled the IPO plan. Adam Neumann, 40, lost 80% of his wealth to 9 billion yuan.

In the field of online games, there is Ye Gang, who was born in Wuxi, Jiangsu, and lives in Singapore. Tencent holds nearly 35% of the company. Another 40-year-old Markus Persson of Sweden sold the popular game Minecraft to Microsoft for $ 2.5 billion in 2014.

The world of the future is the world of young people. Have you learned anything from the list of rich young men who started from scratch?