(Countering New Crown Pneumonia) Record of China's Economic War: "Academician of Citrus" and Alibaba stage "Zigui Navel Orange"

China News Agency, Beijing, March 8th: "Epilepsy" recorded in China's economic war: "Academician of Citrus" teamed up with Alibaba to stage Zigui navel orange "E"

Xia Bin

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused many agricultural specialties in Hubei to be "sealed." The navel orange in Zigui County, Hubei is well-known throughout the country, especially in spring. Over 80,000 tons of seasonal navel oranges have landed in Zigui this year, waiting to be listed. Under the epidemic situation, many parties joined forces to stage a record of Zigui navel orange "E".

In the Spring Festival in previous years, Li Guishan, a Zigui fruit farmer, was able to receive orders from many merchants. But in response to the government ’s request for isolation at home this year, he felt that the business that could be talked over on the phone was also “isolated”.

"They (the merchants) have said something, dare not come to collect the navel oranges, and it is a problem to hear that it is the navel oranges from Zigui, Hubei." Li Fashan, who waited for the order phone, panic, if the navel oranges are sold If you do n’t go out, you will lose 200,000 yuan (RMB, the same below).

Compared with farmers, Yang Yong, the mayor of Zigui County, has one more layer of thought: the brand of Zigui navel orange, which has been easily established, will really disappear from the market this spring. Is there anyone to recognize it next year?

Yang Yong said that after the epidemic, the local logistics operation mainly distributed materials, such as rice noodles, to ensure normal supply. "There are fruits out through the logistics, but not many, and the logistics as a whole are still unobstructed, so I do n’t dare to go there. When it comes to Zigui navel orange, consumers just worry. "

Zigui's navel oranges are unsaleable. Deng Xiuxin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, received too many calls for help. Due to his special feelings towards Zigui, many Zigui farmers can "dial through" Deng Xiuxin, and he is also known as "citrus academician".

Previously, Zigui navel orange purchase routes sent to Hunan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Beijing, Hebei and other countries across the country have encountered situations where they could not enter the city.

Deng Xiuxin, who has cracked the "password" of the sweet orange gene, has to find out how to recover the "password" of the supply chain.

Deng Xiuxin first voiced for Zigui navel orange: "Fruits don't have long legs and will not infect people." He pointed out that first, plants are not hosts of the new crown virus. At present, the virus does not spread between plants and humans. Second, the virus has a short survival time after leaving the host. The fruits of agricultural products transported by long-distance transportation will not be attached to the virus. In the end, the government's prevention and control measures are in place, and the people who harvest the fruits are healthy.

"Through scientific epidemic prevention and strict quality control, agricultural products coming out of Hubei are safe, so you don't need to worry." Deng Xiuxin said.

At the same time, Deng Xiuxin was also looking for "ally." After learning about the actual situation and his demands through Zigui local farmers and relevant government personnel, he chose to give feedback to Alibaba. Hubei Zigui "cannot transport the best quality oranges."

Data show that in 2018, Zigui's e-commerce navel orange transaction volume exceeded 1.6 billion yuan, ranking first in the country. As a result, Deng Xiuxin judged the significance of "connecting" Ali into Zigui at a very moment. "Last year, Zigui navel oranges sold over 90,000 tons through online shopping, accounting for 15% to 20% of the total output. The epidemic situation has gradually improved and arrived In April, when navel oranges are listed in large quantities, as long as they are harvested and then purchased online, the effect will be very good. "

The foundation of supply chain recovery lies in the effectiveness of prevention and control. On February 29, Hubei Province issued the first assessment report of the risk level of new coronary pneumonia, Zigui was listed as one of the 11 low-risk counties (cities, districts). Zigui County governments at various levels have begun to guide resumption of work. Farmers and businesses can go to the fields and factories to pick, sort and pack, but not more than 15 people, and they must be well protected.

Once resumed, Zigui's e-commerce channel advantage will once again be highlighted. In 2018, Ali established the first "Future Farm" in Zigui, which was later changed to a digital agricultural base. Data show that in the same year, there were 1,592 home appliance manufacturers selling Zigui navel orange through Ali, and the digital supply chain has a strong foundation in the local area.

Can not gather people, just "cloud" on quality control. Farmers pick, load, and enter the factory, and the whole process is monitored by Dingding video. At the same time, the randomly selected navel oranges will also be couriered to the Quality Control Center of Ali Digital Agriculture Division, and Ali and third-party professional quality control agencies will conduct secondary sampling inspections.

Logistics also gradually resumed. Cainiao cooperated with local merchants and logistics partners, and together with the Zigui government, created a provincial green channel for navel oranges.

On March 2nd, Ali united Zigui County, Yichang City, Hubei Province, and sent the first batch of more than 80,000 catties of navel orange to the country through an emergency digital supply chain.

Yang Daqing, a special researcher of the China Logistics Association, believes that the digital supply chain from procurement, packaging, storage and transportation to end-to-end distribution and service guarantee can provide a brand-new highway for regional specialty agricultural products such as Zigui navel orange to enter the big market.

It is reported that Zigui has 61,000 tons of navel oranges to be sold this season and has sold 22,000 tons, with a sales progress of 34%. Lan Huafeng, director of Zigui County Agriculture and Rural Bureau, said that in the next step, he will pay more attention to the epidemic situation, seize favorable opportunities, open the citrus green channel, and try his best to minimize the impact of the epidemic on Zigui navel orange. (Finish)