(Fighting New Crown Pneumonia) More than 1,000 companies in Jiaozuo, Henan resumed production and resumed work

China News Network Zhengzhou, March 9th (Xunli) As of March 7th, the "100-year Coal City" in Jiaozuo, Henan, has accumulated 1,017 industrial enterprises that have resumed production and resumed production, with a return rate of 92.4%. This reporter learned from the 25th press conference on the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia in Henan Province in the afternoon of the 8th.

On the same day, Mayor Xu Yixian of Jiaozuo City introduced at the press conference. As of 24:00 on March 7, Jiaozuo City had reported a total of 32 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, a total of 31 cured cases and 1 death. "Zero increase" of confirmed cases and suspected cases has been achieved for 20 consecutive days, and "three clearing" of confirmed cases, suspected cases, and close contacts has been achieved.

Jiaozuo City, located in the northwest of Henan Province, is China's well-known "100-year Coal City" and an old industrial base, a national intellectual property pilot city and a national new industrialization demonstration base.

According to reports, after the outbreak, all party and government agencies in Jiaozuo City installed a "cloud video" system to carry out online office, online training, online recruitment, online investment, etc., minimizing the gathering of personnel and promoting various tasks.

As the epidemic situation continues to improve, enterprises in Jiaozuo, especially industrial enterprises, should resume work and resume production. "We have set up special classes for service companies to resume work and resume production, and set up systems for monitoring the operation of key enterprises, coordinating the advancement and resumption of production, and daily reports." Xu Yixian said that the city has introduced the premise of preventing and controlling epidemics. A package of “high gold content” policies and measures to promote the healthy and stable economic and social development of 26 items, promote the resumption of production and production of 19 enterprises, support 21 small and medium-sized enterprises to overcome difficulties, and promote the stable development of the construction and real estate industry, including 20 measures to address enterprise employment, funds, etc. Difficulties, accelerate the resumption of work and production. In particular, in terms of employment security, special personnel docking, local tapping, surplus transfers, and all-out efforts to provide services such as centralized charter, free pick-up and drop-off, so that migrant workers "go out, go fast, and arrive safely."

Tang Yi, director of Jiaozuo City Development and Reform Commission, presented two sets of data at the press conference to show that the city's work resumed and resumed was safe and orderly. He said that industrial enterprises above designated size in Jiaozuo City resumed production and resumed production, and network supply load recovery rates reached 97%. In addition, from January to February, the city's electricity consumption and industrial electricity consumption ranked third in Henan Province, and the growth rate of industrial electricity consumption ranked second in Henan Province.

"Jiaozuo City adheres to the" one enterprise, one strategy, one special class ", implements the" four one "subcontracting mechanism and enterprise service" five guarantees "responsibility system for key projects, and guides enterprises to resume work safely, orderly and efficiently. According to the introduction, the city has set up special classes for resuming production and resuming production at the city and county levels, and has implemented the "1010" enterprise resuming production and resuming production mechanism.

"With the help of big data analysis methods, we develop grid load recovery rate indicators, monitor online and offline real-time, and dynamically grasp the situation of enterprises' resumption of work and changes in personnel returning to work." Tang Yi said that Jiaozuo City also appointed 255 county-level chief service officers and 326 factory instructors, providing "one-on-one" precision services.

Not only that, Jiaozuo City has also established a "1 + N" policy support system to support the resumption of production and resumption of production to solve the problem of resumption of production and resumption of production. "For example, a discount of 5% per unit of electricity for enterprises, a two-part charge, a 5% discount on basic water price per ton of water, and a discount of 3 cents per gas, directly reducing costs for the company by 122 million yuan," said Tang Yi. .

In addition, Jiaozuo City's innovative ways to attract investment. With "cloud" as the media and "net" as the bridge, adopting new models such as "online investment" and "online negotiation", successfully held a series of activities such as "cloud investment" promotion conference, "video +" signing appointments, and accumulated 52 contracted projects with a total investment of 66.24 billion yuan. (Finish)