Automaker Tesla has used older and slower chips with Chinese Model 3 vehicles than previously promised, according to the Nikkei Asian Review on the Chinese social media platform Weibo. According to Tesla, the chips were used because of a delay in the factories by the corona virus.

The automaker's statement came after complaints from outdated hardware by Chinese Model 3 owners. The complaints about the outdated parts came in after some Model 3 owners saw that the sticker on the chips did not match the information in the manual.

According to Tesla, the new chip used for the Model 3 autopilot system would be 21 times faster than the older chip set used in the Chinese Model 3.

In the statement, Tesla says that the older chips were used because of problems in the factories as a result of the corona virus outbreak in China. Tesla says it will replace the older chips for free.

The Tesla plant was closed at the end of January due to the coronavirus and reopened after a short closure on 10 February. The Model 3 has been delivered in China since January.

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The COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) in short:

  • The virus spreads mainly through cough and sneeze drops that hang in the air for a short time. Anyone who shows no symptoms is hardly a risk of infection.
  • An average person can infect two or three others (less than, for example, measles). However, this figure is falling due to all precautions.
  • The vast majority have mild (flu-like) symptoms.
  • Almost all deaths concern older or already sick people.