Today, the Ministry of Economy announced the implementation of an initiative to reduce up to 5,000 food and consumer goods with retail outlets and cooperatives with rates ranging between 25 and more than 60%, from today to the end of this month on the occasion of the activities of the "fifteenth Gulf Day for consumer protection".
The Ministry indicated in press statements on the sidelines of the conference organized on the occasion of the fifteenth Gulf Day for Consumer Protection 2020, which is held under the slogan "Towards electronic shopping for the consumer" that the Supreme Committee for Consumer Protection "will discuss new initiatives to enhance consumer rights in the e-commerce sector through a meeting held Today in Dubai, while the Consumer Cooperative Federation stated that the total sales of cooperatives amounted to 6.311 billion dirhams during the current year, while the number of shareholders amounted to 77 thousand and 359 shareholders.
The director of the Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Economy, Dr. Hashem Saeed Al-Nuaimi, said, "The Ministry coordinated with major retail outlets and cooperatives to start implementing an initiative to reduce up to five thousand food and consumer goods in various regions of the country, with rates ranging from 25 to more than 60%." Starting from today until the end of the current month on the occasion of the activities of the "fifteenth Gulf Day for Consumer Protection", pointing out that "the reductions will take place through various campaigns in the markets and will include a large number of food commodity items to support price stability and provide many opportunities for consumers' families to obtain their needs at prices from Silver ".