Client of Sino-Singapore Jingwei on February 28th. Affected by the epidemic, how did 8.74 million college graduates find work? Is the college entrance examination time delayed? What is the status of migrant workers returning to work? At the press conference held by the State Council ’s joint defense and control mechanism on the 28th, officials gave answers one by one.

24 hours, 365 days online campus recruitment

"This year, the number of graduates of ordinary universities in the country was 8.74 million. The pressure on employment was not small. In addition, the outbreak of epidemic conditions has increased the pressure on graduates." Weng Tiehui, deputy minister of education, said that the education system will expand employment channels with relevant departments.

This includes actively encouraging graduates to find jobs in major national projects, major projects, and important fields; focusing on increasing recruitment in basic education, primary care, and community services; encouraging localities to increase recruitment in key areas, such as teachers in primary and secondary schools; The policy is tilted to encourage more fresh graduates to join the army; to encourage more college graduates to find employment at the grassroots level; to encourage graduates to seek employment and entrepreneurship in new forms of employment such as service booking, technology development, and content payment.

To this end, the Ministry of Education has organized 12 large-scale online recruitment activities with relevant industry authorities, followed by 18 national events. All provinces, cities, and universities are required to vigorously increase the number of jobs that closely follow the needs of regional economic and social development and have a high degree of professional matching to conduct online job fairs. At the same time, 5 large-scale companies with high matching of posts and graduates were selected to open campus recruitment zones.

In addition, according to Weng Tiehui, the Ministry of Education today officially launched the "24365 online campus recruitment" service, that is, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the service is not closed. We hope to create conditions, you can recruit without meeting, or you can sign a contract.

Organize traineeships for millions of graduates

With more employment opportunities, how can graduates improve their competitiveness? You Jun, deputy minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said that this year and next will organize a traineeship for millions of graduates, enrich their practical experience, enhance their employability and enhance their market competitiveness.

If an enterprise opens a trainee position, a policy subsidy of 3-12 months will be granted. Unemployed graduates who leave school should contact the education department as soon as possible to carry out real-name services. We will focus on graduates from poor families and zero-employment families who set up files, implement "one-on-one" assistance measures, and provide full policy support. For Hubei universities and Hubei graduates, targeted assistance measures will be taken to provide equal employment opportunities.

Expansion of 189,000 graduate students

On February 25, the Executive Committee of the State Council introduced a number of measures to encourage the employment of college graduates and migrant workers, mentioning the expansion of the graduate student enrollment and promotion level this year. In response, Weng Tiehui said that the scale of enrollment of graduate students this year will increase by about 189,000 year-on-year, and the scale of junior colleges will be increased by 322,000.

Among them, graduate programs are planned to increase, focusing on clinical medicine, public health, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence and other majors, with professional degrees and high-level application-oriented professional degree training as the mainstay. The plan for increasing graduates will be invested in vocational education undergraduates and applied undergraduates, and will focus on preventive medicine, emergency management, elderly service management, and e-commerce.

So, will the college entrance examination be postponed? Weng Tiehui said that the relevant departments and localities are discussing the development of the epidemic situation and studying the trend of the epidemic situation. Experts are also being organized to evaluate the impact of the epidemic on examination organization, examination room epidemic prevention, transportation, proposition papers, and secondary school teaching. Specific implementation plans and related work arrangements will be announced to the public in a timely manner.

"Six batches" promote employment of migrant workers

After the Spring Festival, it should have been the peak period for migrant workers to return to the city to find a job. Affected by the epidemic, the employment of migrant workers was affected. You Jun said that in 2019, the total number of domestic migrant workers has reached 290 million, of which 170 million are migrant workers, including 75 million workers across provinces. Because migrant workers have more front-line workers and more flexible employment, they are more directly affected by the epidemic. Under the premise of good epidemic prevention and control, the employment of migrant workers is mainly promoted through “six batches”.

One is to support a group of return to work. At present, there is a shortage of labor in the eastern region, while migrant workers in the central and western regions are stranded in their hometowns. Therefore, a point-to-point, one-stop service channel is established, and migrant workers in low-risk areas are organized on a large scale and in batches as soon as possible Return to work and resume work.

The second is to help recruit a batch. Continue to carry out online recruitment activities, vigorously promote online interviews, video recruitment, organize and carry out targeted labor collaboration, and help enterprises recruit a new group of migrant workers.

The third is to mobilize a batch of agricultural solutions. Guide returning peasant workers to participate in spring plough preparation, participate in the construction of agricultural infrastructure, and obtain employment in new agricultural business entities.

The fourth is to encourage major projects to absorb a batch. Further explore the employment potential of major local projects and projects, and encourage the priority to attract local migrant workers and poor labor.

The fifth is to support entrepreneurship to drive a batch. Provide online entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurial services and financial support for migrant workers who know technology and the market, and encourage migrant workers to start their own businesses.

Sixth, develop a group of public posts. For migrant workers who are temporarily unable to go out and have difficulty living, develop a number of temporary public welfare posts such as sanitation and sanitation, epidemic prevention, and killing to protect their basic lives. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)