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Ten resumption of work and production, opening doors for enterprises


Ten resumption of work and production, opening the door for enterprises (Rui Cai · Seize the epidemic prevention in one hand, promote development in the other hand (14))

As enterprises resumed work and resumed production, market supervision and other departments served the enterprise, and carried out a series of work in the areas of approval and supervision, and issued the "Ten Articles on Supporting Resumption of Work and Resumption." Tang Jun, deputy director of the State Administration of Market Supervision, introduced at a press conference on “Maintaining market order and supporting resumption of production and resumption” held on February 25 by the State Council ’s joint prevention and control mechanism. The resumption of production and reopening of enterprises opens the door to convenience.

Urgent business needs, support for resumption of production

"Companies now face a lot of difficulties, and we support the resumption of production by enterprises in order to propose more targeted measures based on the urgent needs of enterprises." Tang Jun introduced that the resumption of production of enterprises involves administrative licensing and compulsory certification, and informed According to the promised method, if the enterprise has the production conditions and promises to complete these materials within a certain period of time, the General Administration of Market Supervision and Administration can apply for a production license on the spot.

Ten measures to support the resumption of work and production have begun to bear fruit. "At present, 87 companies that were unable to complete the renewal of their permits on time due to the impact of the epidemic have applied for special equipment related license extensions and exemption from review and renewal, and authorized 22 inspection and testing institutions in 10 provinces and cities to handle more than 110 project expansions. "Tang Jun introduced that after vigorously simplifying the procedures for applying for permits and implementing the notification commitments, the five types of disinfection materials (including calcium hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite, bleaching powder, ethanol, peroxyacetic acid) required during the epidemic prevention and control period and the guarantee of spring cultivation The production licenses for type 2 fertilizers (including compound fertilizers and phosphate fertilizers) require 30 days and 10 days, respectively, to be compressed to the current 1 day.

Regulation is more flexible. Tang Jun pointed out that in the special spot check of masks, for a small number of unqualified product manufacturing companies, it was not a punishment or a stop. Instead, it organized technical experts to the company to carry out quality assistance to help the company find the cause of the problem and come up with a solution Measures to ensure product quality without affecting the normal production and operation of the enterprise.

While serving enterprises, maintaining market order will not relax. According to Tang Jun, as of February 24, more than 4,500 companies have been investigated and handled by the market supervision department, and more than 11,000 cases are being registered for other medical protection supplies and important commodities related to people's livelihood. "Enterprises take action consciously, and the e-commerce platform also controls the price. According to preliminary understanding, more than 200,000 masks with abnormal prices have been taken off the e-commerce platform participating in the" Three Guarantees "operation, involving more than 36,000 households. Store. "Tang Jun said.

Green channel accelerates drug approval

In the "Ten Articles Supporting Resumption of Work and Reproduction", it is proposed that a green channel of administrative license be established for the drugs and medical equipment required for epidemic prevention and control. Yan Jiangying, deputy director of the State Drug Administration, said that the State Food and Drug Administration has urgently opened up a green channel for emergency approval of pharmaceutical and medical devices to protect the needs of emergency prevention and control materials and the drugs and medical devices required for epidemic prevention.

First of all, the relevant review and approval work mechanism was established, a special expert group for the emergency review of medicines and medical devices was set up, and the emergency review of medicines and medical devices was carried out in a scientific and orderly manner.

Secondly, speed up the review and approval, and promote the products to be used for epidemic prevention as soon as possible. Implement special measures for the registration, production license, inspection and testing of medical device products such as medical masks and medical protective clothing, and merge the approval process. For enterprises that convert medical devices into products, the FDA implements emergency approval, applies for medical device registration certificates and production licenses in accordance with the law, and fully meets the needs of epidemic prevention. Yan Jiangying introduced that, as of February 24, there were 134 registration certificates for medical protective clothing and medical equipment in the country, of which 93 were approved for emergency response during the epidemic prevention period, and 84 were registered for medical protective masks, of which 21 were approved for emergency response.

In terms of expanding production capacity, the drug regulatory department has launched a "one-on-one" service. "If the company transfers emergency materials such as masks, protective clothing, etc., we simplify the process of production qualification approval, merge the product registration certificate and production license inspection process, and start the expedited inspection and testing process." Yan Jiangying said, "At the same time, we also recognize the enterprise's Part of the self-inspection report, after confirming on-site confirmation of the eligible enterprises, the product registration and production license are issued immediately. "

As of February 24, the daily output of medical protective clothing has reached 330,000 sets, the daily output of medical protective masks has reached 844,000, the production capacity of nucleic acid detection reagents can reach 1.7 million copies per day, and the production capacity of antibody detection reagents per day It can reach 350,000 servings.

Intellectual property pledge financing

Affected by the epidemic, many small and medium-sized enterprises are facing a shortage of funds. Solving the financing problem is an important task at present. He Zhimin, deputy director of the State Intellectual Property Office, pointed out that the use of intellectual property rights owned by enterprises to carry out pledge financing is a very effective measure and method for helping small and medium-sized enterprises, especially technology-based SMEs, to solve the problem of shortage of funds.

He Zhimin introduced that the State Intellectual Property Office is currently working on three aspects of pledge financing:

The first is the establishment of a green channel for pledge registration. "According to the needs of relevant enterprises and banks, we have realized urgent collection and quick processing, and strive to complete the electronic registration within one working day." He Zhimin said that for immunization and emergency materials-related enterprises, etc., they should take immediate action and wait. Desirable measures must not allow the registration process to affect the lending of material production enterprises.

The second is to organize the development of local pledge demand and inventory projects. Based on the demand for patent and trademark pledges of companies involved in epidemic prevention and control, and the repayment ability of companies with existing pledged projects, a comprehensive mapping was conducted, and banks were actively coordinated to grant loans or renew loans.

The third is to increase policy integration and work innovation. Encourage localities with conditions to integrate support policies such as loan discount, risk compensation, insurance and subsidies, innovate the connection of the Internet and new media and publicize policies, effectively play the role of intellectual property rights, increase credit, and support the resumption of work and production. .

He Zhimin introduced that some localities have adopted effective measures to promote the pledge financing of intellectual property rights, and have been well received by relevant enterprises and society. "The Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Office issued a notice specifically calling for the active promotion of intellectual property pledge financing and service companies to cope with the epidemic. The Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Office has also vigorously strengthened the pledge financing of intellectual property. Since the outbreak, 37 companies received 114 million yuan in intellectual property pledge loans. "

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