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Scientific resumption of work and production of Hangzhou Asian Games


China News Network, Beijing, February 27 (Reporter Zhou Rui) The China Railway 22nd Bureau announced on the 27th that on the morning of the 27th, in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games key supporting project, Hangzhou Metro Line 3, the largest single subway station ——Baijiayuan Road Station, the workers of the China Railway 22nd Bureau Group completed the first high-pressure rotary jet pile, marking the official resumption of production at this station.

It is also the Hangzhou Airport Express Line, a key supporting project of the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022. The workers of the China Railway 22nd Bureau Group successfully relocated a 600 mm diameter sewage pipe, removing the biggest obstacle for the subsequent construction of the subway.

Huanghe, project manager of Hangzhou Metro Line 3 of China Railway 22nd Railway Group Corporation, introduced that the 57.7-km Hangzhou Metro Line 3 project starts from Yuhang Group in the west to Linping Vice City in the east, passes through West Lake, Xiacheng, and Gongshu , Jianggan and Yuhang Districts are the main rail transit lines that run through the west and northeast of Hangzhou's main city. The project consists of main and branch lines, with 39 stations on the entire line.

As a key supporting project of the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022, Hangzhou Metro Line 3 is located in the main passenger corridor of Hangzhou City. When completed, it will connect the Hangzhou High-speed Rail West Station, West Bus Terminal and multiple bus center stations under construction and connect them. Metro Line 16 (Hanglin Intercity Line) is a transportation hub connection line.

In the Hangzhou Airport Rail Express project, a technician from the China Railway 22nd Bureau Group is directing the rig for lifting operations. Photo by Kong Xiangwen

The section of Hangzhou Metro Line 3, which is responsible for the project department of China Railway 22nd Bureau Group Rail Corporation, is close to Xixi National Wetland Park. The construction tasks are heavy and the technology is difficult. The two stations Baijiayuan Road Station and Huawu Road Station are three-story stations. The length of the single line between the two sections of the shield tunnel is almost 4 kilometers.

The project department of China Railway 22nd Bureau Group Rail Company originally planned to organize two subway projects for construction during the Spring Festival. Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, construction had to be stopped. "They are all supporting projects for the Asian Games. No matter how difficult they are, we must go all out to ensure that they are completed on schedule, fulfill our commitment to the Hangzhou people, and contribute our strength for the successful hosting of the Asian Games!" The Yellow River and the airport, which have always stood by the construction site Zhou Xiaofeng, project manager of the Express Line, said firmly.

Considering that workers outside Zhejiang Province could not return to work for a while, the project department first recruited local workers from the Hangzhou labor market. For the original labor team workers, Yang Xuefeng, the project secretary, contacted the local car at any cost to connect the workers. Back to the project department, Anton settled in the closed management temporary accommodation to take measures such as regular temperature measurement and timely disinfection, and made full use of the health code to ensure that all workers' epidemic prevention and control measures were in place, creating conditions for the smooth return to work of the project .

Up to now, the project department of Hangzhou Metro Line 3 only took 5 days, and 180 returnees should return to Hangzhou through point-to-point methods such as direct flights or chartered cars, accounting for 88% of the total employment. The Hangzhou Airport Rail Express Project Department started on February 9 and lasted 7 days. 69 people arrived at the scene, and the return rate was close to 100%.

The project department is also actively optimizing the construction plan, asking the scientific organization for progress, so that the resumption of work can really resume production. After many discussions, the project department adjusted large-scale construction to small-scale construction, and “spotted” the site. Wherever there was a site, the construction was carried out. (Finish)

Source: chinanews

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