Xinhua News Agency, Nanchang, February 26th (Reporter Lin Hao) On the 26th, reporters learned from the press conference on the prevention and control of new-type coronavirus pneumonia in Jiangxi Province. In order to improve the convenience of customs in all aspects, Nanchang Customs reduced the length of quarantine approval and opened up agricultural products , Food clearance green channel.

It is understood that Nanchang Customs implements 7 × 24-hour advance clearance for customs clearance, and adopts "two-step declaration", "advance declaration", and other methods for rapid release. In special cases, the registration and release will be completed first, and the procedures will be completed later. Passages, priority inspections requiring on-site inspections, fast release, and prioritization of tests that need to be sent to the laboratory for sampling; and allow enterprises to independently choose customs clearance modes, apply for manifest manifestation and reduce the number of customs declarations, promote multimodal transport, and promote the development of China-Europe trains .

The reporter was informed that Nanchang Customs shall extend the formalities for the extension of the Canada Trade Manual or the Canada Trade business caused by the delayed resumption of work, and relax the payment of processing trade risk deposits. In principle, it can be waived. During the epidemic, Nanchang Customs exempted a total of 50 million yuan in security deposits, alleviating the pressure on enterprises' funds.

At the same time, Nanchang Customs canceled 13 processing steps including advance application such as deep processing and carry-over applications, and allowed one application for outsourcing of six businesses including processing. The time required for enterprises to process processing trade was reduced by more than one third.