The Scottish Parliament has decided to provide hygiene products such as tampons and sanitary towels to all women free of charge. They should be available in public places such as district centers, youth clubs or pharmacies. Labor MP Monica Lennon was the initiator of the "Period Products (Free Provision) Scotland Bill" law. She called the decision "a milestone for the normalization of menstruation in Scotland".

These products are already being funded by the state in schools, universities and some community offices in Scotland. Up to ten million pounds are available for this each year. The new law puts the cost at £ 24m annually. The law still has to go through the second stage, in which there can also be amendments.

In the UK, five percent VAT is levied on feminine hygiene products. The former government of David Cameron actually wanted to abolish it in 2016, but this was not possible due to EU regulations on VAT. Germany lowered the VAT on menstrual products from 19 to 7 percent at the beginning of the year.