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Guangdong High Court issued opinions: Promote the implementation of the government's policy of stabilizing enterprises


Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, February 25th (Reporter Zhou Ying) In order to guarantee the resumption and production of enterprises affected by the epidemic, the Guangdong High Court released the Opinions on Ensuring the Resumption of Production and Reproduction of Enterprises Affected by the Epidemic on the 25th. Specific measures should be put forward in a number of areas, including giving priority to the prevention and control of the epidemic, the basic living of residents, and the proper resolution of financial debt disputes. Among them, it is worth noting that the opinions specifically proposed to promote the implementation of the relevant government's policies for stabilizing enterprises.

Implementing various policies to stabilize and benefit enterprises is the key to helping enterprises affected by the epidemic to resume work and resume production. Opinions suggest that the implementation of policies such as "stabilizing enterprises and businessmen" by administrative agencies should be promoted. Resolutely rectify illegal administrative actions that do not allow enterprises to postpone social insurance premiums and provident funds, return unemployment insurance premiums, subsidize employee wages, and defer tax deductions and exemptions, and effectively reduce the business pressure on taxation, employment, social security, and loans. And burden. Support enterprises to apply to the administrative organs to go through the procedures of granting licenses and extending licenses according to law.

Opinions also suggest that facilities, equipment, articles, funds, etc. used for epidemic prevention and control and basic living security of residents shall not be arbitrarily seized, seized, frozen, or allocated. Units and individuals undertaking epidemic prevention and control and important people's livelihood security tasks shall generally not take civil disciplinary measures.

The opinion also proposed the establishment of a green channel for litigation services. "Guangdong Court Litigation Service Network", "Guangdong Justice" and "Guangdong Mobile Micro Court" and other online platforms provide "no snooze" cross-domain remote litigation services to ensure that litigation matters are handled online and immediately. For the difficult enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that meet the conditions in the cases involving resumption of work and resumption of production, the lawsuits shall be postponed, reduced, and exempted from paying legal fees.

The opinion also put forward specific requirements from the aspects of properly resolving financial debt disputes, trial of contract disputes caused by the epidemic situation, and prudent preservation of enterprises' facilities and property.

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