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Lack of truck drivers, logistics companies "rush up"

Recently, with the acceleration of the factory resumption schedule, more and more goods need to be pulled in and out. However, due to the lack of drivers for resumption trucks, some factories and warehouses and Shanghai Port terminals have a backlog of cargo. Interviews with reporters from the China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily found that the resumption of production and logistics in the logistics industry affected the whole body and urgently needed "a game of chess for the whole country."

On February 21, Tang Hongbin, the founder of the digital Internet freight service provider "Duckbill", explained the logistics supply problems to downstream companies, and urged employees in the company to call the "driver bosses" registered on the platform one by one to confirm the resumption of work.

The upstream of the "platypus" is more than 30,000 self-employed truck (container truck) drivers registered on the network platform; the downstream is a product manufacturing enterprise covering almost all industries including consumer goods, electronics, home furnishings, and medical supplies. These enterprises, whether importing or exporting, need to use container trucks on the platform to pull the goods to be exported from the factory to Shanghai Port, or the imported raw materials from Shanghai Port to the factory.

Recently, with the acceleration of the factory resumption schedule, more and more goods need to be pulled in and out. However, due to the lack of drivers for resumption trucks, some factories and warehouses and Shanghai Port terminals have a backlog of cargo. Interviews with reporters from the China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily found that the resumption of production and logistics in the logistics industry affected the whole body and urgently needed "a game of chess for the whole country."

Cargo accumulation

"Some customers have already piled more than 100 containers in the port area, and let me pull it. According to our current capacity, we can also pull him 5 boxes a day." Tang Hongbin said, a total of registration on the "platypus" platform More than 30,000 truck drivers, more than 5,000 of whom have been "taking orders" on the platform for a long time. Under normal circumstances, the platform can handle more than 1,500 containers on a daily basis.

But as of February 20, the platform counted only 150 drivers "returning to work". "We have a customer service team that is specifically allocated to call all drivers." Tang Hongbin said that according to his observations, the current Shanghai Port Logistics The overall return rate is only about 20%.

The relevant person in charge of Starling Logistics also felt similarly. According to him, ostrich logistics started work as early as February 10, the resumption day stipulated by Shanghai. But the driver's return rate was less than 5% on the day of construction. "At that time, the port logistics was almost paralyzed."

Yu Qinxin, chairman of Zhejiang Haichuang International Freight Co., Ltd., told the China Youth Daily · China Youth Daily that after the Spring Festival holiday, the company's order volume was 150 containers per day, but now it can only reach 70 containers at full capacity. Traffic volume, "the driver did not return".

Yu Qinxin receives calls from bosses of various production companies every day, and the topic is the same every day-when can I leave the freight. There is an enterprise that imports plastic particle processing. Starting from January 28, imported raw materials have been shipped from overseas to Shanghai Port. Today, about 500 containers have been backlogged.

Where did the "driver boss" go

Every truck driver in the logistics industry is itself a "little boss". As long as they have a large collection card, complete the procedures and documents, they can drive, pull goods and make money. They usually do not sign an employment contract with the logistics company, and pay according to the amount of goods pulled.

Tang Hongbin said that currently there are two main reasons why "driver bosses" are not returning to Shanghai. One is that many drivers come from Henan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shandong and other places. The city where the driver is located is listed as a "key area" by Shanghai. After arriving in Shanghai, they need to be isolated for 14 days. If you have no income, you will lose money. You might as well not come. " Second, some villages where the driver's hometown is located are still closed and isolated, and the drivers cannot get out.

The driver Li Wengong's hometown is in Ma Litang Village, Beiyangji Town, Shenqiu County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province. Since he came home on the 29th day of the second month, he has been at home for almost a month. According to the county's requirements for the control of the epidemic, Ma Litang Village has been "closed to the village" and "cannot even go to the town, let alone return to Shanghai."

In the past two days, Li Wengong contacted the cadres of the village to see when he could go out. On the other hand, he was looking for a Shanghai logistics company that he had worked with in the past to see if he could find a company to open a "certificate of work".

According to the requirements of the Shanghai Municipal Government's Notice on the Strict Implementation of Various Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures, during the period of return to Shanghai, workers who have no place of residence and no clear work in Shanghai will, in principle, strengthen their efforts to persuade them to return and suspend their entry. Shanghai; Persons without a residence permit who come to Shanghai and return to Shanghai must hold Shanghai's work permit, unit return certificate, valid residence certificate, etc., and personnel from key areas will be observed for 14 days in isolation. The "key areas" stipulated by Shanghai include large provinces where Anhui, Henan, Jiangxi and other migrant workers gather.

Li Guofeng, a truck driver who lives in Wangli Village, Yingshang County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, is applying for a nucleic acid test on February 23. Wang Licun previously had two confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection, and implemented strict village-wide closure measures. By February 23, 14 days had passed since the discovery of the second confirmed case. If the nucleic acid test passes, then Li Guofeng can apply for leaving the village.

He has contacted dozens of Fuyang truck drivers and migrant workers who work in Shanghai. "One-tenth of them will return to Shanghai to return to work here." He figured it out, if he can go smoothly on February 23 Returning to Shanghai will face 14 days of quarantine, because Fuyang of Anhui has been listed as a "key area" by Shanghai. "If there is no epidemic situation, the work will be resumed on the eighth day." Li Guofeng said, the migrant workers around were anxious to resume work.

How to play "National Chess Game"

All-China Youth Federation Standing Committee Member, Shanghai Municipal People's Political Consultative Committee Member Shao Nan and Zhongtai Securities macroeconomist Yang Chang conducted a survey on resumption of work on 1359 Shanghai-based companies mainly based on private small and medium-sized enterprises. Employers currently have serious "employment bottlenecks".

More than 80% of companies report significant restrictions on personnel exchanges, transportation of raw materials, and goods; about 85% of companies report inadequate employment; about one-third of companies (concentrated in catering, accommodation, logistics, manufacturing, construction and other industries) are severely short of work , Less than 20% of the employees in the same period last year. "Now truck drivers are being grabbed everywhere." Shao Nan said.

Chairman of the board of directors of Ctrip Liang Jianzhang also noticed the economic impact of "closing villages" in various places. He suggested that unnecessary measures for epidemic prevention and control should be cancelled as soon as possible. "Many current manufacturing companies, due to inadequate staff, insufficient raw material supply, production supply The impact of factors such as chain breaks is facing the danger of not being able to start construction normally. In some areas, politics and mutual blockades have affected both the flow of people and the flow of materials. "

On February 21, Zhang Jianming, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economics and Information Technology, said at a regular press conference of the Shanghai Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Leading Group that according to sampling surveys and power consumption monitoring estimates, the current rate of resumption of work for industrial and commercial enterprises in Shanghai is more than 70%. "But the relatively low return rate of SMEs shows that we need to strengthen services."

Xu Yifan, a professor at the School of Management of Fudan University and the dean of the Shanghai Institute of Logistics, recently also focused on investigating the resumption of logistics in the logistics industry. "Logistics has a strategic and global role in the entire economy and society. , And even supply chains around the world. "

Xu Yifan believes that to help the logistics industry resume work as soon as possible, "the game of the whole country is required." "At present, we can consider setting up a temporary headquarters of the national logistics and transportation industry covering multiple major functional departments to mobilize personnel, allocate materials, and adjust regulations. And other aspects.

Xu Yifan said, "The absence of a national, authoritatively issued guidance opinion, and logistics have different policies for each place, which makes the company's research too strenuous." Tang Hongbin said that not long ago, he had just been invited to the relevant Shanghai department Reflecting the problems encountered in the logistics industry, "but only by a department in Shanghai or the power of Shanghai, it cannot solve the problem. Because this also involves many other parts of the country."

Xu Yifan said that after this epidemic, the logistics industry in the future should be led by national departments to establish a national logistics information platform, and discuss the formulation of logistics management mechanisms and measures in the event of an emergency. Low, it feels scattered and low-end, but now the scale of China's logistics industry is growing, and to be strong, we must have the ability to deal with different problems. "

China Youth Daily · China Youth Daily reporter Wang Yijie Source: China Youth Daily