To rank companies by countermeasures against cyber attacks IT industry group February 25 6:53


Due to the increasing threat of cyber attacks aimed at companies, industry groups of IT companies will establish a new system for rating corporate measures later this year.

The number of cyber attacks on companies has increased year by year, and recently Mitsubishi Electric and NEC have revealed that a large-scale attack may have leaked a large number of files.

Under these circumstances, the Japan Federation of IT Organizations will set up a system to evaluate companies' cyber security measures and rank them in three stages this year.

For the time being, we will target about 5,000 companies participating in the group, and a specialized team for the desired company will comprehensively judge the expertise of the security department's human resources, the operation system, the attitude of the managers to security measures, etc. Is to decide on a rating.

By making it possible to compare systems that are difficult to see from the outside, we aim to motivate companies to strengthen measures.

It also plans to work with private insurers to consider lower-cost insurance coverage for cyber attacks if a higher rating is obtained.

Mr. Kei Sotomura, who is in charge of creating a rating system at the Japan IT Federation, said, "Various things, such as cars, are now connected via digital networks, and the importance of security measures is increasing. I want to raise the level of measures in Japan as a whole. "