Today (25th), 60 additional Korean corona19 confirmers occurred.

The number of domestic sponsors has increased to 893.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters says 60 additional corona19 confirmed yesterday's 9 o'clock total at 4 pm yesterday.

Of the 60 new screeners, 49 occurred in Daegu and Gyeongbuk (16 in Daegu and 33 in Gyeongbuk).

The remaining confirmations are 5 Gyeonggi, 3 Busan, 2 Seoul and 1 Gyeongnam.

As a result, Daegu and Gyeongbuk had a total of 731 people (500 in Daegu and 231 in Gyeongbuk).

As of 9 am yesterday, 456 and 113 patients were confirmed for the Shincheonji Daegu Church and Qingdao University Hospital.

At this time, the status of infection according to the path of infection has not been disclosed yet.

The large version will be released at 2 pm briefing today to confirm the status of confirmed patrons related to Sincheonji Daegu Church and Qingdao University Hospital.

There are currently eight deaths, six of whom are patients with Qingdao University Hospital.

Today's tally included eighth deaths (patients 107) who died yesterday.

The eighth death is a 67-year-old male patient from Qingdao University Hospital.

There are a total of 22 confirmed patients cured and released from quarantine.

More than 36,000 people were diagnosed with Corona19.

There were 35,823 people except for those who were confirmed. Of those, 22,550 were negative.

The rest of the 13,273 people are undergoing testing.