Indices closed up nearly 1% in the half-day, the communications equipment sector lifted the tide

Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client February 24th. In the early morning of the 24th, the two cities opened slightly lower. Then the Shanghai Index continued its weak consolidation trend, and the GEM index performed strongly. Super capacitor concept stocks once staged a daily limit tide. Masks, 5G, securities firms and other topics took turns in the market. The market speculation was more active.

Source: Wind

As of 11:30, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 302.22 points, a decrease of 0.34%, and the transaction volume was 275.82 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index reported 11710.43 points, an increase of 0.69%, and the transaction volume was 468.79 billion yuan; the GEM Index reported 2248.62 points, an increase of 0.99%. The net outflow of the Shanghai Stock Connect was 2.802 billion, and the net outflow of the Shenzhen Stock Connect was 1.422 billion.

On the disk, the industry sector rose more or less, with communications equipment, components, software services, and telecommunications operations rising the most; tourism, transportation services, hotels, restaurants, transportation facilities, and insurance falling the most.

Communication equipment surged 4.68%. Among them, the stocks of Lecco Defense, Yitong Century, and Lutong Video, etc. had daily limit, and Chunxing Precision, Tianfu Communication, etc. followed suit.

Most of the concept plates are also popular, with telecommuting, mask protection, 5G concepts, and fluorine concepts gaining the most gains; aquatic products, horse racing concepts, scarce resources, and luxury goods have seen the highest declines.

The concept of remote office rose by more than 5%, and individual stocks rose across the board. 6 stocks including Huaping, Qixin Group, and Wanxing Technology had daily limits.

Overall, a total of 1756 stocks rose, of which 149 stocks including Nanda Optoelectronics, Hongyuan Electronics, Shangrong Medical rose more than 5%. 1936 stocks fell, of which 25 stocks such as Qijing Machinery, Jinjiang Hotel, Fengyuan Co., Ltd. fell more than 5%.

In terms of turnover rate, a total of 16 stocks have a turnover rate of more than 20%, of which Yingjie Electric has the highest turnover rate of 64.48%.

According to the analysis of the New Times Securities Research Report, in the past half month, the index has risen rapidly, with oversold rebound, spring agitation and trend, driven by three forces. Seasonal factors lead to a high turnover rate of the GEM and active trading by individual investors. These seasonal factors will cool down in the future. This time the cooling is a slowdown in speed, not a change in direction. Growth stocks enter the period of annual report performance verification. In the short term, they may still inertially rise. After March, there may be inertial cooling. Spring restless funds may cool slightly in the second quarter.

Guosheng Securities said that after the outbreak of the epidemic, the market was full of resilience and rapid technological growth. The core lies in the weakening of the "herd effect" in the retail market and the strengthening of institutional strength, which has become the "Dinghaishenzhen" of the A-share market. It is particularly noteworthy that "buying funds" has become an important channel for residents to enter the market and an important support for the growth of science and technology. From the perspective of current institutional positions, technological growth is the focus of new fund allocation. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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