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Applying for a certificate is in an "endless loop". Is it so difficult for a company to resume work?


At present, while the epidemic situation is under control, most localities are pushing forward with the orderly resumption of production and production. However, according to a recent interview by the Half-Month Talks reporter, some local departments have set up various levels of check-ups during the resumption of work, and even asked for various types of certifications in order to avoid blame. Difficult to find, difficult to travel. "

A business owner, Mr. Chen, from a coastal city in the east, told reporters that his company is in a port in the east of the city, and half of its more than 300 employees live in the western part of the city. Because there are many confirmed cases in the west of the city, people living in the west of the city must apply for a cross-zone pass to the east of the city. The resumption of work of an enterprise requires at least three permits, such as an employee pass to enter the community, a pass to enter the eastern part of the city, and a permit to resume work. It is said that there is nothing wrong with implementing permits and strengthening prevention and control, but what he did not expect is that this pass alone will have to run back and forth for 6 days. During the period, you must go to the community to get a residence certificate, go to the relevant department to get a 14-day activity track certificate, and go to the industry and information department to get a business resumption certificate.

What embarrassed Mr. Chen was that, in order to avoid liability, all departments turned on the "circular proof mode"-B certificate and C certificate were required to open A certificate. "If we ask for this, we ca n’t even open a certificate! The company has not stopped production and there is no resumption of work. Who gives a certificate of resumption of work?" What makes him confused is that the specific requirements for issuing a certificate are not disclosed. They are all communicated orally. Prove it will be opened today, and the next day will say no. Mr. Chen lamented, "Isn't this stuck the business!"

Mr. Chen's experience is not alone, and some business owners have similar distress. Some enterprises have production and office locations in different urban areas. Due to different epidemic prevention requirements in different regions, there is a lack of coordination between departments, and there is no way to resume work. Some communities forcibly block residents from going out to work, "don't even want to come back after going out"; some The department sacrifice "superior requirements", "superior 'verbal' notices" and other items, refused to perform related duties, and also excused "do nothing wrong during the epidemic".

Business owners believe that the central government has clear requirements for the overall prevention and control of epidemics and for the resumption of work. Enterprises have also met the conditions for resumption of work, and there is no reason for the local authorities to prevent the resumption of work. However, some local departments have stepped up their efforts to exercise strict control. In the face of their duties, they even kicked the ball and gave the central government a "good experience". In order to resume work, some business owners can only trust relationships and walk through the back door, breeding various chaos.

Various kinds of certifications have blocked the road of resumption of production and production. Behind them are the inaction, inaction, and even chaos of some local departments and leading cadres. Some local cadres, knowing that the central government requires measures to be adapted to local conditions and orderly resumption of work, are not willing to do a good job, and are unwilling to "start from the beginning" to actively help enterprises and the masses to solve practical problems; some functional departments, "in the epidemic prevention and control "Special period" as the reason, refused to perform the legal duties, can push and push, hide and hide; some grass-roots workers, under the strict control of the epidemic, took on the responsibility of strict control, but rely on their duties, Yaowu Yangwei even profit from it, Destroys the social atmosphere. These chaos are precisely the scum of formalism and bureaucracy in the cadre team during the epidemic period, which deserves the high attention of the relevant departments and severe investigation and punishment.

It is true that it is necessary to prevent and control the epidemic, and also to protect production and life. Local government departments and grassroots cadres also have a dilemma: strict epidemic prevention, restricting the movement of people, it seems safer, but businesses and the masses have opinions; relax the requirements, everyone is convenient, But in case of cluster infections, accountability is inevitable. However, this "dilemma" is not irreconcilable, nor can it be an excuse for shirk responsibility. The central government has clearly required that non-epidemic prevention and control key areas should take the implementation of zoning and precision prevention and control as the starting point to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and the restoration of economic and social order. Facing the new situation of epidemic development, to find out the actual situation in the local area and find out where you are prescribed, it is not doing nothing but doing much. Relevant departments and relevant cadres must not shrink back, let the epidemic prevention and production "two-handed grasp" become the indifference of enterprises and the masses "grasp epidemic prevention with one hand, cover black gauze with one hand".

Epidemic prevention is a test of social governance. How to balance diverse public policy objectives tests the level of government governance and the capacity of leading cadres. Relevant departments should pay more attention to the precision of prevention and control methods, explore operational and sustainable strategies that allow "two-handed grasp" to not conflict, and win the prevention and control blocking war and the overall development war.

Commentator Lu Huadong Yang Shaogong

Source: chinanews

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