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After the epidemic "big test", will the medical device industry "fire"?


In the New Year of 2020, the outbreak of new crown pneumonia is sudden. Many people were stumped by a mask, and medical supplies such as protective clothing, goggles, and forehead thermometers for frontline medical staff were also severely in short supply.

At this time, the medical device industry stepped forward, donated supplies and resumed work actively: Tianjin JiuAn Medical's first batch of 1,000 infrared thermometers arrived in Wuhan on the first day of the New Year; on February 5, Di Rui Medical said that it would donate Reagents and instruments for medical testing worth 10 million yuan; Yan'an Bikang revamps production lines to increase the production capacity of masks and protective clothing ...

At the same time, these companies also encountered various problems. On February 3, Yuyue Medical said that the company's mask products have been discontinued due to lack of materials and are temporarily unavailable. Disinfection control, temperature measurement, oximeter and mask products have been completely sold out.

Some people say that this is an opportunity for upgrading the medical device industry; others say that this is a "big test" for the medical device industry.

On the road to fighting the "epidemic", they walked ahead

"The first batch of 1,000 infrared thermometers for the company arrived with Wuhan's donated materials and arrived in Wuhan on the first day of the New Year." A person in charge of Tianjin JiuAn Medical introduced that on January 27, the company urgently recalled the management at the Tianjin plant More than 20 people and technical backbones, contact the raw material supplier at the same time, quickly coordinate transportation, and send all the collected materials to the factory. The production raw materials were prepared overnight in preparation for the official resumption of production the next day.

On January 28, under the call and leadership of Chairman Liu Yi, all the managers and technicians in Tianjin and more than 200 family members of the employees gave up the holidays and went to the production line, with two shifts day and night and outbreak racing;

On January 29, 460,80 overseas stocks were assembled, and they were dispatched to China by air to meet the emergency needs of domestic epidemic prevention. On January 30, in order to cooperate with the key prevention and control measures of key national epidemic areas, 600 Jiu'an were dispatched from the factory. iHealth) thermometer, sent to Wuhan Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Mountain Hospital by the fastest transportation method to support the front-line war "epidemic" ...

This is the epitome of Jiu'an Medical's efforts to fight against the "epidemic", and it is also a microcosm of the national machinery enterprises' fight against the "epidemic".

After the outbreak, temperature screening is a necessary means for public health and epidemic prevention needs, but there are few manufacturers of thermometers that can be supplied in bulk in the country, and there is a serious shortage of non-contact infrared temperature measurement products. And Jiu An Medical's explosive thermometers played an important role in the public health epidemic prevention.

"Now the output of the company's thermometers can reach 7,000 per day. We are working hard to achieve 10,000 units per day. At the same time, with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other relevant departments, we will actively purchase production-related equipment and expand our production capacity. 400,000 units. Even so, the current gap in the thermometer is still huge. Every day, I receive more than one million inquiries on WeChat. In cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, a city needs at least 100,000 units, but Production capacity cannot be made in a day. The supply of raw materials and the improvement of production capacity have their own processes. "Liu Yi lamented.

Dilemma of resumption of work: lack of raw materials, lack of logistics, lack of labor

"In the current situation of production capacity, the company's main problems are the shortage of workers, and the second is the problem of tight supply of raw materials." Liu Yi said that although the company's raw material supply has not been out of stock, it still faces supply Difficulty.

It is reported that in order to ensure continuous production, Tianjin Municipal Government issued a coordination letter to the Guangdong Provincial Government within one day after learning that Jiu'an's production materials may be out of stock. I hope that the Guangdong factory can arrange the construction period as soon as possible. The department organized and started the production of the suppliers of the infrared thermometer supporting components and suppliers. At the same time, under the coordination of the Airport Management Committee, Purin Circuits Co., Ltd. helped expedite the production of 23,000 circuit boards.

In the early morning of February 7, Zhang Changlin, the logistics department director of Jiu'an Medical Factory, took 23,000 circuit boards that were just packed off the assembly line to Guangzhou Zhongshan Assembly Factory for assembly. After 48 hours, he returned with 15,000 assembled display modules. To Tianjin.

Up to now, the most lacking raw materials of Jiu'an forehead thermometer are plastic case, MCU, and sensor. The shortage situation has been changing dynamically. "With the help and coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Tianjin Municipal Government, and the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, we will do our best to ensure continuous production and ensure that supplies do not fall behind." Liu Yi said.

"The company has resumed some work on February 11, but the production capacity is about 30-40% of the original. At present, the company's main problem is the return of workers from other provinces, followed by upstream and downstream supply chains and logistics issues." Hong According to the person in charge of Dakko, after the outbreak, the company immediately established an epidemic prevention command team to uniformly disinfect the entire company's plant and take relevant measures to minimize on-site contact and on-site meetings.

"I hope that the country will be able to reduce taxes and social security costs during the epidemic period. I also hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible to ensure that the company's raw material supply is adequate and logistics are smooth." The head of Hongda Hi-Tech told the Beijing News reporter that the epidemic situation The company's business has caused a certain impact. At present, the company's cash flow is relatively abundant, so there will not be a crisis of survival.

The epidemic is over, or the medical device industry will usher in a big outbreak?

"This epidemic has strengthened everyone's awareness of protection, and also promoted the popularization of products such as thermometers in the market. With the elimination of the epidemic, the short-term public health epidemic prevention demand will decline sharply, but the personal protection demand may increase. , Thus driving the market to have greater growth. "Liu Yi analyzed.

Liu Yi said that the concentrated outbreak of the epidemic has caused great pressure on medical institutions around the world, and the Internet medical model can solve the problem of medical treatment for patients with chronic diseases during the epidemic. In the future, the new “O + O” model of diabetes diagnosis and treatment of JiuAn Medical will usher in new development opportunities.

For the industry development after the epidemic, Luo Xu Medical Devices (Beijing) Co., Ltd. general manager Ma Xudong analyzed from three perspectives.

Ma Xudong said that for companies with overcapacity before the epidemic, the capacity may be released quickly due to the development of the epidemic. Such companies may experience rapid growth in the short term, and investment institutions will be more optimistic about such companies in the short term. Many companies with relatively high technological content, such as stents and high-value consumables, may be affected relatively by hospitals during the epidemic, as hospitals cannot treat patients. However, after the epidemic, the hospital resumes normal diagnosis and treatment activities. The production and supply of such products may experience explosive growth; for early-stage scientific research enterprises, it may bring new opportunities for their technology and products.

"This new coronary pneumonia caused impaired lung function in infected people. Some of the studies we have done before involve the treatment of specific pulmonary fibrosis. We consider working with domestic and foreign experts to share some of the previous research progress with this time. The symptoms of new crown pneumonia are linked, so that there may be some new products and technologies that can be released. "Ma Xudong lamented that the epidemic was indeed a crisis and a turnaround for the industry.

Others in the industry pointed out that although some companies are positive in the short term, after the epidemic is over, they still have to look at their core values ​​in the long run. In addition, the outbreak of the medical device industry is affected by multiple factors such as policies, technologies, markets, capital, and diseases, and comprehensive consideration is required.

Beijing News reporter Zhang Zhaohui

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