From job hunting “visiting the company” to “visiting the Web” With the spread of infection, companies are ... February 21 at 17:21

At this time, the number of `` visit to work '' in which college students who are waiting for job hunting visit seniors' companies to increase their understanding of the content of work and the atmosphere of the workplace increased.However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, Some companies responded to "web visits" that they used.

At this time, Mizuho Financial Group, a major financial group, has a large number of university students who are preparing for job hunting and visit their banks to ask senior employees about their work and the atmosphere at work.

Every year, Mizuho employees meet with students individually, but due to the spread of the new coronavirus, they stop meeting students from the middle of this month and respond to "web visits" using videophones. I decided to.

This month, all internship briefings scheduled to be held in Tokyo and Osaka have been postponed, and a video explaining the contents of work for each job category has been distributed on the Internet.

Since we can't predict when the situation will subside, we're looking into whether a recruitment interview can be done on the web.

Saori Furuya of the Global Career Strategy Department of Mizuho Financial Group said, "The web has the merit of being convenient for students, regardless of the location. It will be possible to provide flexible information and provide the same information as before. I want to build a posture. "

Web briefings and web recruitment interviews spread

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, companies are increasingly conducting briefings and recruitment interviews on the web to attract students.

Among them, Fast Retailing, a leading clothing chain that operates “UNIQLO”, is the first company to hold a briefing for students wishing to join the company and conduct it on the web.

The briefing will be broadcast live, and the HR representative will explain the content of the job and how to work.

In addition, recruitment interviews on the web, which had been conducted mainly for students who are far away, such as overseas, have been conducted for all students except for the final interview.

In addition to face-to-face recruitment interviews, leading daily necessities maker Unicharm is also considering using a smartphone or personal computer for some time, and preparing for the camera and communication environment necessary for web interviews. You.

Web interviewing system provider

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, the number of companies that want to conduct company briefings and job interviews for students on the Web is rapidly increasing, and companies that provide dedicated systems are being forced to respond.

The IT company in Minato-ku, Tokyo, offers a company interviewer and students to open a dedicated site at a designated time and use a computer or smartphone camera to talk like a videophone. A system that allows you to do so, and the interviewer's screen will also have columns for displaying the student's resume and writing down the grade.

The company has been providing part of the system free of charge since the end of last month in response to the spread of the new coronavirus, and inquiries began to increase from last week when the infection spread in the country. I want to use it, too. "

In addition, since the recruiting carrier has decided to cancel the joint company briefing on the 20th until the end of next month, there are increasing demands to hold a briefing on the website.

Ryuichiro Maezawa, executive officer of IT company "Stadium" stated, "Web interviews have been limited to some people, such as distant students, but since interviewers are not able to come to the company, it is difficult to attract students to the company. Is growing. "